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District Local Plan - 1996 version

The Council’s new Local Plan was adopted on 8 November 2022. The District Plan Second Review is no longer used to decide planning applications. These pages have been kept as a historic record of the 1996 Plan.

April 1996 version

The saved sections of the local plan do not include any of the supporting text or justifications for policies. As such, there are likely to be occasions when the original version from April 1996 is useful for reference.

District Local Plan No 2 with Alterations (2.5 MB) 

Key DiagramOverview of DistrictDLP2A Key (8.9 MB) 
Sheet ABaldock and Baldock Town CentreDLP2A Baldock (7.2 MB)
Sheet B1HitchinDLP2A Hitchin (8.2 MB)
Sheet B2Hitchin Town CentreDLP2A Hitchin Town Centre  (7.3 MB)
Sheet C1LetchworthDLP2A Letchworth (8.4 MB)
Sheet C2Letchworth Town CentreDLP2A Letchworth Town Centre (6.9 MB)
Sheet DRoyston and Royston Town CentreDLP2A Royston (679 KB)
Sheet E1Excluded Villages - Ickleford and Little WymondleyDLP2A Excluded 1 (6.2 MB) 
Sheet E2Excluded Villages - Codicote, Kimpton and KnebworthDLP2A Excluded 2 (6.7 MB)
Sheet F1Selected Villages - Great Offley, Holwell, Pirton and WhitwellDLP2A Selected 1 (416 KB)
Sheet F2Selected Villages - Ashwell, Barkway, Barley, Sandon and TherfieldDLP2A Selected 2 (545 KB)
Sheet 1Hinxworth areaDLP2A  sheet 1 (482 KB)
Sheet 2Ashwell areaDLP2A  sheet 2 (515 KB)
Sheet 3Therfield Heath areaDLP2A  sheet 3 (270 KB)
Sheet 4South east of Royston and Barley areaDLP2A  sheet 4 (308 KB)
Sheet 5Radwell and Newnham areaDLP2A  sheet 5 (314 KB)
Sheet 6Bygrave and Wallington areaDLP2A  sheet 6 (290 KB)
Sheet 7Sandon, Therfield and Kelshall areaDLP2A  sheet 7 (279 KB)
Sheet 8Barkway and Reed areaDLP2A  sheet 8 (280 KB)
Sheet 9Barley and Nuthampstead areaDLP2A  sheet 9 (295 KB)
Sheet 10Pirton, Little Offley and Hexton areaDLP2A  sheet 10 (291 KB)
Sheet 11Holwell and Ickleford areaDLP2A  sheet 11 (353 KB)
Sheet 12Great Wymondley areaDLP2A  sheet 12 (325 KB)
Sheet 13Weston and Clothall areaDLP2A  sheet 13 (374 KB)
Sheet 14Rushden areaDLP2A  sheet 14 (278 KB)
Sheet 15Lilley, Offley and Cockernhoe areaDLP2A  sheet 15 (319 KB)
Sheet 16Gosmore and Preston areaDLP2A  sheet 16 (330 KB)
Sheet 17Little Wymondley and Rush Green areaDLP2A  sheet 17 (352 KB)
Sheet 18Breachwood Green and Kimpton areaDLP2A  sheet 18 (350 KB)
Sheet 19Codicote and St. Paul's Walden areaDLP2A  sheet 19 (369 KB)
Sheet 20Knebworth areaDLP2A  sheet 20 (372 KB)