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Supplementary Planning Guidance

Planning policies are contained within the Saved Policies of the District Plan No.2 with Alterations, which will be replaced by the emerging Council’s Local Plan. Until 2004, the Council was also able to produce Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG), giving additional information on certain aspects of planning policy. Some of these are still in use, but some have been revoked and these are set out below.

Supplementary Planning Guidance revoked on 25 July 2017:

  • SPG1: Land North of Royston
  • SPG4: Golf Courses and Facilities
  • SPG6: Designing for Accessibility
  • SPG8: Urban Regeneration
  • SPG10: Nightingale Road, Hitchin (Site HS2)
  • SPG15: Shopping areas in town centres
  • SPG: Energy conservation requirements

Supplementary Planning Guidance revoked since 25 July 2017: