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Planning Register - Decision Notices

Local planning authorities are statutorily obliged to maintain a register of all planning applications and decisions and this has to be open to public inspection.

As part of the planning process, a decision notice is issued to an applicant when a decision relating to a planning application has been made. This sets out what works have been permitted together with details of any conditions that have been imposed. Other documents that are available relate to tree preservation orders (TPOs), Section 106s and Section 38s.

How to view these documents

Details of planning applications and key documents relating to those applications submitted in the last three years are available to view online.

Should you wish to view a decision notice, application form, the approved plans or supporting documents for applications submitted between 2001 - 2017 it may be possible for these to be made available on the website for a temporary period upon request.

A charge is made for the printing or photocopying of planning information (see charges document below). Anyone can purchase a copy of any decision notice that relates to planning legislation. Should you require a copy of any of the above, please complete the request form (below) and send by post to:

Planning Technical Support Team
North Hertfordshire District Council
P O Box 10613

Telephone: 01462 474206

Requests will be processed within 21 working days.

You can make an appointment to view or purchase documents at Planning Reception.

Copies of documents relating to planning appeals are available from the Planning Inspectorate.

Tree Preservation Order

Planning authorities have powers to protect trees by making Tree Preservation Orders (TPO).

The issuing of a TPO makes it an offence to cut down, top, lop, uproot, wilfully damage or destroy any protected tree(s) without first having obtained permission from the Local Authority. All types of tree can be protected in this way, whether as single trees or as part of a woodland, copse or other grouping of trees. Protection does not however extend to hedges, bushes or shrubs. TPOs are recorded in the Local Land Charges Register which can be inspected at Council offices.

When purchasing a property the official searches carried out by your Solicitor should reveal the presence of a TPO on the property, or whether your property is within a Conservation Area within which trees are automatically protected. A TPO will not prevent planning permission being granted for development however, the Council will take the presence of TPO trees into account when reaching their decision.

Section 106 Agreements

Planning Obligations (Section 106 agreements) are an important part of the planning system. They are commitments made by developers (when getting planning permission) to do things that will lessen the harm caused by their development proposals (for example by providing funds for traffic calming measures, new play facilities, public art, tree planting, cycle paths, meeting places, affordable housing).

Section 38 Agreements

A common way of creating new highways is by an agreement between developers and the local Highway Authority (Herts County Council) under Section 38 of the Highways Act 1980.

These agreements are most often made with housing developers, who agree to build the roads to standards laid down by the Highway Authority.

Copies of these agreements can be obtained by emailing or by post to:

Highway Boundaries and Land charges Resources & Performance
Postal Point CHN 207
Room 348
Hertfordshire County Council
County Hall
Pegs Lane
SG13 8DE
Tel: 01992 556181

Information if you are buying or selling property

Please note that Home Information Packs are no longer necessary when selling a property. However, Energy Performance Certificates are required.