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North Herts Local Plan 2011-2031

The Local Plan

The North Hertfordshire Local Plan 2011-2031 was adopted on Tuesday 8 November 2022 and replaces the saved policies of the District Plan Second Review with Alterations.

It is a government requirement for every local authority to have a Local Plan, to outline a strategy for ensuring that growth is delivered in the right place and is of the right character and quality, and means we have a proactive plan in place for the needs of our residents.

Many areas, including North Herts, are under pressure to provide more homes; in particular affordable homes which local residents, especially young people, can afford to live in. Our new Local Plan 2011-31 sets out how and where new homes, jobs and infrastructure will be delivered in the district.

The Development Plan

The Local Plan forms part of the statutory Development Plan for the District that is used to determine applications.

The Development Plan for North Hertfordshire consists of:

Where there is conflict between policies in different parts of the Development Plan, the most recent policy takes precedence.

Previous stages of the Local Plan

Information on the preparation and examination of the Local Plan can be found here. This includes the evidence used to support the Plan and earlier versions of the sustainability appraisal.

Map F Royston Areas