Get Ready for Brexit

The European Union (EU) has granted the UK a flextension until 31 October 2019. Whilst MPs are agreeing a deal, you can use this time to ensure that you and your business are well prepared for Brexit.

This page summarises how we are preparing for the upcoming changes, along with information and links to other websites and resources which show how you can prepare for the proposed exit.

North Hertfordshire District Council are working closely with all of our partners to assess what impacts there could be upon our residents and the wider community, and where possible we are taking steps to minimise these as much as possible.

How is the council preparing?

Despite the political uncertainty surrounding Brexit, we have continued to work closely with both local and regional partners to coordinate our plans ahead of the exit.

Our aim is to ensure that we seek to minimise impacts to our residents and businesses from the changes arising from the national exit plan, and that local businesses can continue to prosper following the exit, by taking advantage of new opportunities that may arise.

The Ministry for Housing Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) has established a network of nine local authority chief executives from across the country to better engage at the regional level. The Chief Executive of Central Bedfordshire Council, Richard Carr, is the Eastern regional lead and acts as the North Hertfordshire District Council representative on this network.

Despite these efforts, there is still uncertainty over the future. We will continue to update this page as any potential impacts to the North Hertfordshire District become clear.

The Council's lead officer for Brexit preparedness is Jeanette Thompson, Service Director: Legal and Community.

How can you prepare?

The Government has created guides to help you prepare for our departure from the EU if you are:

You can access information on consumer rights and data protection, as well as any other guides which may apply to you, on the GOV.UK website.

The government has also created a toolkit for preparing for Brexit for citizens and businesses: Get ready for Brexit.

How can I make sure that my business is ready for the change?

In the event of no deal Brexit there is a government guarantee that it will cover all projects that would have been funded by the EU under the 2014-20 work period. It actively encourages beneficiaries and organisations to continue applying for ESF funding under the current arrangements.

HMRC step-by-step guides for businesses explain importing from or exporting to the EU in a no deal scenario.

Lots of information can be found on preparedness for the exit day for your business on the Herts Growth Hub.

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Specific sector guidance

Farming sector guidance in the event of 'No Deal'.

Food and drink sector guidance in the event of 'No Deal'.

Guidance for food business operators regarding practical changes that will be made to nutrition legislation if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

The Government has prepared fact sheets for a 'No Deal' preparation:

Important updates

Impact of no-deal departure on UK services industries (Commons Select Committee reports)