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Food Safety and Hygiene - What We Do

The Council is responsible for regulating food hygiene in food businesses and we have a cyclical programme of inspections of food premises to ensure that hygienic standards are being maintained.

The frequency of inspection is determined by risk assessment and visits are usually made without prior warning. Most businesses are given a food hygiene rating following the inspection; this gives an indication of the standards of hygiene found at the time of the inspection.

Our approach is to work with businesses to raise standards and we will give advice and assistance to food business operators. However, we also occasionally have to take enforcement action to ensure that appropriate standards are maintained.

We will also investigate complaints from members of the public about poor conditions of hygiene in food premises, allegations of suspected incidents of food poisoning, and the contamination, quality and fitness to eat of foods.

A number of training courses in food hygiene are organised each year by the Council according to demand.

We also take routine samples of food for analysis both as a part of national programmes and more local initiatives to ensure food safety and compliance with legal standards.

The Council's Food Law Service Plan provides more information.

The Food Standards Agency is the national agency responsible for food safety and hygiene across the UK.