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Food safety management

All food business operators must have in place an appropriate written food safety management system in order to comply with legislation.

This should be based on Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points, whereby you identify problems and put matters in place to prevent them, rather than correcting issues after they have gone wrong.

The Food Standards Agency has developed Safer Food Better Business (SFBB) by working with food businesses in order to help them to comply with these requirements. This is available to download free from the Food Standards Agency website.

It follows the principles of:

  • good hygiene practices prevent cross-contamination
  • effective cleaning removes harmful bacteria and stops them spreading
  • effective chilling prevents harmful bacteria multiplying thorough cooking kills bacteria
  • managers must be able to show what they do to make food safe - and have this written down

Buy a printed SFBB pack

We are able to offer colour, bound, printed versions of the Safer Food Better Business pack with wipe clean front and back covers.

This is the most up to date version incorporating all the latest guidance and good practice.

  • Safer Food Better Business for Caterers (inc 1 month diary) - £23.00
  • Diary refills (12 months) - £21.00

All prices are inclusive of postage and packing.

After following the link, choose 'SFBB Diary' or 'SFBB Packs' from the list of shop items. Then add them to your basket and complete your purchase.

You can also contact us directly and ask for the Environmental Health management support unit.

Download a simple home cake bakers system

If you bake cakes from home, you may prefer a more suitable system aimed directly at hazards associated with your business, which you can download here: