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Inward investment and relocation

Why North Hertfordshire?

North Hertfordshire provides a mix of pleasant rural landscapes and attractive market towns including the world's first garden city, Letchworth. The district is strategically located within the A1 London-Cambridge and the Oxford-Cambridge Corridors, making it attractive for future investment, particularly as the road and rail infrastructure make movement easy in any direction. Proximity to both Luton and Stansted airports also make international movement simple.

The district has some of the best schools in the country. Hitchin Girls School and Hitchin Boys School are internationally renowned. Its residents are among the best qualified in the country and many international firms base themselves in the district to take advantage of the highly skilled resident workforce. The district’s proximity to London and Cambridge lets firms avail themselves of a top workforce at a massively reduced cost.  

House prices in North Hertfordshire are also significantly lower than the most expensive Hertfordshire districts, making the area a much more attractive environment for a potential workforce. See our About North Hertfordshire page for more on the district.


North Hertfordshire is seeking to attract new investment and business from within the UK and overseas, but at the same time seeks to retain existing businesses. If you would like assistance in locating to North Herts or would like to stay in North Herts but need assistance, please contact Andrew Figgis, Economic Development Officer –

Where to find a suitable property

North Herts has a wide range of commercial property, of sizes and standards to suit most requirements and budgets. There are a number of websites with available properties which are free to search.

Who's here already?

In North Hertfordshire there are a number of businesses and companies who are already thriving, including:

  • Johnson Matthey (high end manufacturing)
  • Multiple Sclerosis Trust HQ
  • Specialist Aviation Manufacturing Ltd (engineering)
  • Wilmott Dixon Group (construction)
  • Altro Safety Flooring
  • Tracktek Industries Ltd (military electronic products - engineering)
  • Defence Support International Ltd (logistic equipment - engineering)
  • Intra precision engineering
  • William Ransom Pharmaceuticals
  • EMcision (pharmaceutical engineering)
  • Hotel Chocolat (distribution)
  • Hamleys Toys (distribution)
  • Automation Partnership (life science research)
  • Thermal Engineering PLC (engineering)