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Sports pitches and play areas

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West Avenue, Baldock

Clothall Road, Baldock

Baldock Road, Letchworth

Bancroft, Hitchin

Betjeman Road, Royston

Broadmead, Hitchin

Brook View, Hitchin

Burford Way, Hitchin

Burns Road, Royston

Bush Spring, Baldock

Cadwell Lane, Hitchin

Chaucer Way, Hitchin

Cherry Close, Knebworth

Chiltern Road, Baldock

Cleveland Way, Great Ashby

Fairfield Crescent, Great Ashby

Farrier Court, Royston

Foyle Close, Great Ashby

Middlefields, Letchworth

Gaunts Way, Letchworth

Greenfield Avenue, Hitchin

Hillbrow, Letchworth

Holroyd Crescent, Baldock

Ivy Lane, Royston

Radburn Way, Letchworth

Radburn Way, Letchworth

Old Hale Way, Hitchin

Kipling Close, Hitchin

Mendip Way, Great Ashby

Merrick Close, Great Ashby

Milestone Road, Hitchin

Newmarket Road, Royston

Nightingale Way, Baldock

Melbourn Street, Royston

Pryor Road, Baldock

Purwell Lane, Hitchin

Quantock Close, Great Ashby

Grove Road, Hitchin

Millard Way, Hitchin

Serby Avenue, Royston

Serpentine Close, Great Ashby

Shakespeare, Royston

Upper Tilehouse Street, Hitchin

St John's Road, Hitchin

Studlands Rise, Royston

Swinburne Avenue, Hitchin

Green Lane, Letchworth

The Chilterns, Great Ashby

Woolgrove Road, Hitchin

 Archers Way, Letchworth

York Way, Royston