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CCTV and footage requests

We have installed CCTV systems in some of our public locations for the purpose of public safety and crime prevention/detection, and outside some council buildings for security and crime prevention/detection.

In all locations, signs are displayed notifying you that CCTV is in operation and providing details of who to contact for further information.

Details of how long we hold CCTV images can be found in our retention schedule.

Images from street cameras

If you require CCTV images from the street cameras in our area, you should contact our partners at The Hertfordshire CCTV Partnership Limited.

CCTV procedure for the release of evidence

Images held by North Herts Council

We use CCTV at the following locations:

  • District Council offices (Letchworth)
  • Hitchin Town Hall
  • North Hertfordshire Museum
  • Body worn cameras

Members of the public who wish to view CCTV of themselves should submit a Data Protection - Subject Access Request.

We will need details of the location of the CCTV camera you want footage from, as well as the date, time period and a description of yourself for identification purposes. Unless you have a court order you can only get footage of yourself or someone you are representing. We will edit the footage to protect the identities of other people. If you have a court order we will not edit the footage.

GOV.UK – Request CCTV footage