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This page contains links to interactive web map projects.

Mapping projects

Electoral Services - locations of polling stations and various boundary lines

Planning Department - Local Plan policies map

Planning Department - old paper-based planning map PDFs – lookup grid mapping (this will result in a PDF opening in a new browser tab)

Help and tips

When the web map project opens, you may like to click on the "Accept Cookies" request. This will allow you to save preferences and changes you make to the various functions available. These include storing favourite locations, lines points and polygons drawn onto the maps and other setup items. These saved items are stored for your personal use only and will be lost if you delete cookies from your web browser.

The 'Choose a Map Option' menu icon at the top left has a 'Map Features' option which allows various map layers to be switched on and off.

The default location is the centre of Letchworth Garden City.

The address search facility operates on street names or postcodes typed into the search box. When a list of addresses is displayed, select an address and a location pin marker will zoom to the selected address.

All mapping projects have boundary line layers included (Wards, Parishes etc.) for reference.