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Community grants

Small community grants are available to independent and not-for-profit organisations working for the benefit of local communities in North Herts.

The Community/Partnerships Team work with residents and other appropriate organisations to identify and respond to issues that promote the development and enhancement of community wellbeing.

How to apply

  1. Read through the Community Grants Criteria Policy - May 2023 (below).
  2. If you think that your project might fit the criteria, download and fill in a grant application form.
  3. Gather the supporting documentation: accounts, constitution/governing document, quotes, safeguarding policies.
  4. Email your application with copies of your supporting documents to:

Important points to note:

  • Applications with all necessary supporting documentation must be emailed by midnight on the grant deadline date.
  • Applications must be submitted on the application form provided on the web page and be emailed as a readable Microsoft Word document. No other version will be accepted.
  • An application can only be made to one Area Forum. If your project covers multiple areas, please complete a form for each separate area. If you are unsure whether you need to submit more than one application, please contact us:
  • Incomplete applications after the deadline date will go into the process for the next meeting round.

Grant assessment

Our officers meet to assess each application on its merits against the Community Grants Criteria Policy - May 2023.

If the application meets the criteria, it will be put forward for consideration to the relevant forum or panel meeting.

How grants are allocated

District councillors in the area where the project takes place make a recommendation based on the application. These recommendations happen at the appropriate Area Forum. Each Area Forum meets four times a year.

The recommendation goes to the Executive Member for Community/Partnerships who legally signs off the decision.

If you would like more detailed information, visit the Council Constitution page and select the document titled ‘Section 9: Area Forums’.

The Community/Partnerships Team can also provide external funding advice.



Small Community Grants budgets

Area Forum Carry forward 2022/23 Budget 2023/24 Allocated this financial year Available budget
Baldock & District £4,065 £5,000 £3,276 £5,789
Letchworth £84 £11,000 £1,884 £11,800 (including
£2,600 grants repaid)
Hitchin £3,705 £11,000 £5,950 £8,755
Royston & District £816 £6,000 £4,315 £1
Southern Rural £2,231 £8,700 £3,538 £7,393

Application deadlines for 2023/24

Baldock and Surrounding Villages

Deadline (midnight) Baldock Forum meetings
12 November 2023 15 January 2024
14 January 2024 11 March 2024


Deadline (midnight) Hitchin Forum meetings
26 November 2023 30 January 2024
7 January 2024 5 March 2024


Deadline (midnight) Letchworth Forum meetings
26 November 2023 24 January 2024
1 January 2024 28 February 2024


Deadline (midnight) Royston Forum meetings
7 January 2024 6 March 2024

Southern Rural

Deadline (midnight) Southern Rural Forum meetings
12 November 2024 11 January
14 January 2023 14 March