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Community grants

Small community grants are available to independent and not-for-profit organisations working for the benefit of local communities in North Herts.

The Community Engagement Team work with residents and other appropriate organisations to identify and respond to issues that promote the development and enhancement of community wellbeing.

How grants are allocated

The allocation of small community grants is decided by the district councillors in the town where the project takes place. These decisions happen at the appropriate Area Committee. Each Area Committee meets four times a year.

An application can only be made to one Area Committee. If your project covers multiple areas, please complete a form for each separate area. If you are unsure whether you need to submit more than one application, please contact us:

If you would like more detailed information on Area Committees, visit the Council Constitution page and select the PDF titled ‘Section 9: Area Committees’.

How to apply

Apply using the application form here

Application deadlines for 2022/23

Deadline (midnight) Committee meetings
6 January 2023 March 2023
23 April 2023 June/July 2023

Small Community Grants budgets for 2022/23

The current community grants budgets are:

Committee name Carry forward 2021/2022 Budget 2022/23 Allocated this financial year Available budget
Royston & District £1,130 £6,000 £3,451 £3,679
Baldock & District £2,565 £5,000 £2,000 £5,565
Letchworth £956 £11,000 £9,814 £2,142
Hitchin £775 £11,000 £6,679 £5,096
Southern Rural £222 £8,700 £3,306 £5,616