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District wide survey

The 'district wide survey' is a consultation exercise that takes place every two years. The survey is carried out to measure people's satisfaction with the council and our services.

The survey consists of approximately 1,000 residents from across North Herts. Residents are consulted by telephone interview carried out by independent professional consultants.

2022 survey

The 2022 district wide survey was carried out by Opinion Research Services, an independent organisation commissioned on our behalf. The survey captured residents' views and perceptions of certain services and facilities.

Residents were asked whether they were satisfied with services such as waste collection, street cleaning and planning, and asked for their views on the leisure and car parking facilities provided, among others. Residents were also asked their opinion on how well the council is being run and on the information we provide.

Previous Key Findings reports

Citizens' Panel

At the end of the telephone interviews, respondents are asked if they would be willing to become one of our Citizens' Panel members. The Panel is regularly contacted by the council to take part in shorter survey exercises. There is no obligation to take part in any surveys and residents can opt-out at any time. ORS capture the details of residents who wish to become Panel members and securely pass these onto the council. We will only use Panel member details for the purpose of contacting them about surveys, focus groups and other research. For further details please visit the Citizens' Panel page.

For further details of how we use your data please refer to our Corporate Privacy Notice.