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Election results 2022

Local elections - 5 May 2022

Results for the district and parish council elections on Thursday 5 May 2022 are available online:

Results by ward

Declarations of results

Baldock Town


Hitchin Bearton

Hitchin Highbury

Hitchin Oughton

Hitchin Priory

Hitchin Walsworth

Hitchwood Offa & Hoo



Letchworth East

Letchworth Grange

Letchworth South East

Letchworth South West

Letchworth Wilbury

Royston Heath

Royston Meridian

Royston Palace

Hitchin Highbury by-election - 10 March 2022

Results for the elections held on Thursday 10 March 2022 are published below.

Name of Candidate Political Party Votes cast Elected?
BHAKAR Raj Liberal Democrats 1238 Yes
ELTRINGHAM Deolinda The Green Party 134 No
FORSYTH Samuel The Conservative Party 450 No
SMITH Leigh Christian Peoples Alliance 27 No

Electorate: 6211 | Ballot papers issued: 1861 | Turnout: 29.96%

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Royston Town Council (Meridian ward) - 8 September 2022

Results for the election held on Thursday 8 September 2022 are published below.