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Register to vote

You can register to vote quickly and easily online. It only takes a few minutes and you will need to provide your National Insurance Number.

Voting in the general election - 4 July 2024

The deadline to register to vote in the Parliamentary general election on Thursday 4 July is Tuesday 18 June.

Alternatively you can call the Electoral Services Helpline on 01462 474503 and we will send you an Individual Registration form.

You cannot vote by post or by proxy if you have not registered to vote.

Who can vote

You can register to vote if you are aged 16 or over and at least one of the following:

  • a UK citizen
  • a qualifying Commonwealth citizen resident in the UK
  • an EU citizen resident in the UK

To find out more information on who is eligible to vote, visit the Electoral Commission website.

If you are 16 or 17 years old and are eligible to vote, you can register to vote but cannot vote until you are 18. 

Overseas voters

If you are a British citizen who is now living abroad, you can register as an overseas voter if you meet these criteria:

  • you are a British citizen
  • you have previously been registered to vote in the UK or have previously lived in the UK

Alternatively you can request an Individual Registration form if you contact the Electoral Services team at or on 01462 474503.

Once you have registered as an overseas voter, you may wish to apply for a postal vote or a proxy vote (when somebody votes on your behalf) if you are unable to attend your polling station in person.

If you choose to vote by post, please consider whether you have enough time to apply for, receive and return your postal vote to us. We recommend that a proxy vote is the best guarantee that your overseas vote reaches us at election time due to the delivery times involved with an overseas postal vote.

You can potentially vote in person if you will be in the UK on polling day. You cannot vote in person at a British embassy, high commission, or consulate.

Check if you've already registered

To check whether you are already registered to vote, you can call Electoral Services on 01462 474503.

Remember: to vote in local or parliamentary elections your name must be on the register of electors. You can register up to 12 working days before an election.