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Vote by proxy

If you are unable to visit the polling station and you do not want to vote by post, you can appoint someone to vote as your proxy at your polling station.

To appoint a proxy you will need to complete the appropriate application form for either short or long term proxy.

Both you and your proxy must be registered under Individual Electoral Registration.

The deadline for applying to vote by proxy is normally six working days before an election. However, if you have a medical emergency six days before election day or after, you can apply to vote by emergency proxy if the emergency means that you cannot go to the polling station in person.

Please complete the form below if you wish to vote by proxy for one election.

You can also apply for a proxy vote for a longer period. Please contact the Electoral Services helpline on 01462 474503 for an application to vote by proxy long term.

Proxy vote by post

If your proxy does not live in the area, they may have a proxy vote by post - a Postal Proxy. The deadline for this is 5pm, 11 working days before polling day.

Please call the Electoral Services helpline on 01462 474503 for more information or a postal proxy application form.

Absent vote signature refresh

Every year we are required to write to all absent voters (both postal and proxy) whose signature has been held on the "personal identifier" record for more than five years. This is an important security measure designed to reduce the possibility of electoral fraud and to safeguard your vote. 

These letters are sent out in January. If you receive a letter you should provide a fresh signature and return it to us.

Absent voters who do not supply a fresh signature within six weeks of receiving this letter will lose their absent vote. You will need to either vote at the polling station or apply for a new absent vote.