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Household canvass

Every year we carry out a Household Canvass to ensure that the electoral register is up to date. This is important as we can then identify all residents within the district who are entitled to be registered and invite those who are not currently registered to do so.

Household Canvass 2022

Previously each household would receive a form addressed to the "occupier" containing the names of all those on the electoral register at that address.

In 2020 the canvass was reformed and instead each household will receive either an email or a form in the post. This communication will be sent to properties in August following a data match with records held by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

There are two possible routes:

  • If all the registered people at a property can be matched with records held by the DWP, then that property will be sent down Route 1. 
  • If we cannot match your details with the records held by the DWP, or by matching them with other data held by the Council such as council tax records, then that property will be sent down Route 2.  

Route 1: records match

If we have an email address or mobile phone number for you we will send you an email and or SMS messge asking you to confirm that the details we have are correct. The communication will contain a link to a website where you can confirm these details:

In addition it will contain a unique two part security code. If you need to amend the details in anyway you will also be able to do this.

If we do not hold an email address or mobile phone number for you we will send a form to the property which again will list all those who are currently registered at the property. If you receive a form please respond either online as described above,  by phoning 0800 197 9871 or via SMS message. You can also return the form to us in the envelope provided. 

Route 2: records do not match

We will send a form to the property containing the names of all electors registered at that property. You need to respond to this form, either confirming the details are correct or by adding or deleting the names of those who live at the property. Again this can be done via the website as described above, by phoning 0800 197 9871, by SMS message or by returning the form to us in the post.

If we do not receive a response from you we will send a reminder and we may also phone the property or visit the property in person if it is considered safe to do so. You are legally required to respond to all forms we send you.

If any names are added to the details we hold for your property those persons will receive an "Invitation to Register" which they must complete in order to register to vote. Alternatively they can go online and register at They will need to provide their date of birth and national insurance number.

Telephone canvass 

As part of the annual household canvass, we will be making telephone calls to some households that have not responded to recent postal correspondence regarding electoral registration. Calls will be made for about a two week period in November. 

The phone calls are necessary to make sure that everyone in the household who is eligible to register is able to do so and thereby vote in next year’s elections.

Providing the information required is easy - all that is needed is the full names of all those 16 and over and their nationality. We will then send individuals a separate registration form which they will need to fill in or they can go online to register to vote. If you are contacted please also tell us about anyone that has moved out of the property in the last year.

If you have already registered online we still need you to provide us with this information. By law you need to provide the requested information for the household so we can ensure all those who are eligible to register can be invited to do so.