Payment of Invoices to Suppliers

Payment of invoices to suppliers – BV8

The local target percentage of invoices for commercial goods and services,  which are paid by the authority within 30 days of such invoices being received by the authority, is 99.60%.

The following table shows the Authority’s achievement against the local targets from 2018-2019:

Achievement against local targets 2018-2019 2019-2020 2020-2021
North Herts Target % 99.60 99.60 99.60
North Herts Actual % 99.73 (March 2019) 99.90 (March 2020) 99.79 (November 2020)

Purchasing cards

Purchasing cards facilitate both prompt payment and increased quality of service to our suppliers. Primarily aimed at low value transactions (under £250), these cards enable payments to be made to suppliers at the point of ordering, thus reducing the purchase to pay cycle and contributing towards the Council’s prompt payment targets.

If you are a current supplier to NHDC and would like to consider being paid by this method, please contact us at