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Introduction to masterplans

A number of major new developments are being planned across North Hertfordshire. This will lead to some significant changes. We are putting in place robust procedures and requirements to manage that change and deliver positive outcomes for existing and new residents of the District.

We want to make sure that significant developments in the district result in high-quality places that everyone can enjoy. Good design is an essential part of this and is a key requirement of local and national planning policies.

What is a masterplan?

Masterplans are a way of explaining how a large or complex site might be developed in the future. A masterplan is not a single plan or picture. It is a set of plans and supporting information that describes the overall vision, design concept and structure for new development.

A masterplan should be supported by an evidence base that shows a detailed understanding of local character and context and the key issues and opportunities that need to be addressed. A good masterplan sets a framework for land use, community facilities, movement, green infrastructure, low carbon and sustainability.

A masterplan helps to fix the structure of new development through a series of parameters and principles. These inform the detailed layout and design of the scheme and ensure that everyone has a good understanding of the scheme when deciding whether planning permission should be granted.

A masterplan may change or evolve over time. This might be to show additional information as more detailed proposals become available or to respond to a change in circumstances or a new idea.