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Parking strategy

The Parking Strategy is designed to be a high level document, with clear objectives and more concise policy wording. It covers the period 2019 to 2031 to accompany the implementation period of the proposed submission Local Plan.

The main focus of the Strategy is to provide the Council’s policy framework for managing on and off street parking across the District. It sets out how parking issues are currently dealt with and identifies a number of objectives and proposed actions for which future investment may be required. The key projects that could be taken forward in the short to medium term are listed in the Strategic Action Plan appended as Appendix A in the Strategy.

The Council has an agreement with Hertfordshire County Council that permits it to initiate, implement and enforce waiting restrictions on the highway. Parking controls that are required for safety reasons remain the responsibility of the County Council to implement and the District Council to enforce.

Evidence studies

The Strategy is supported by two evidence studies, undertaken by consultants (Markides Associates).

  • The first study completed in February 2017 includes an analysis and understanding of car park usage, demand and other parking issues facing both on and off street parking activity across the District’s four towns and Knebworth. This study provides a baseline against which future trends can be assessed.
  • The second study completed in April 2018 sought to address and consider wider parking provision and management issues across the District and suggested recommendations for the Council to consider in updating its Parking Strategy.

The revised Parking Strategy and the evidence reports are available to view below.

Parking Operational Guidelines

The detail of how the Council proposes to implement the policy framework set out in the Parking Strategy will be contained in a separate document, the ‘NHDC Parking Operational Guidelines’. These will set out the necessary guidance and assessment criteria to be followed. Having these guidelines contained within a separate document will enable officers to review and update the guidelines as required throughout the life of the Strategy in consultation with the Executive Member for Transport to reflect changes in parking trends and ensure that these are aligned with the Council’s priorities.

The Parking Operational Guideline are available to view below.

Apply for a Traffic Regulation (TRO)

Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) are legal documents which allow the Council and the Police to enforce various parking restrictions designed to control where and when vehicles wait (park), stop or load/unload. 

To make a request for measures to control parking on the public highway, visit the Apply for a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) page. 

Further queries

If you have any queries regarding the NHDC Parking Strategy, its Strategic Action Plan or its associated documents please email