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Off street parking tariffs

Parking tariffs will increase in our pay and display car parks from Monday 6 November 2023.

Reasons for increase in charges

The Council’s approved Medium-Term Financial Strategy for 2021-26, set a budget assumption that the Council should increase parking fees and charges annually by 2%. It made it clear that parking charge levels are mainly set to manage demand and reflect the cost of alternative parking locations. The budget estimates for 2023/24 also include the expectation that income from parking will increase by 2%. The 2% increase has been set significantly below the current cost of living increases to help residents and businesses.

Cabinet at its meeting on 19 September 2023 agreed to implement the increase in car parking tariffs across its public car parks in Baldock, Hitchin, Letchworth Garden City, Royston and Knebworth.

These are based on the following rationale:

  • In continuing to support the economic vitality of the town centres by encouraging people to stay longer by further reducing the gap between the one hour and two hour tariffs, and by retaining the after 3pm off-peak incentive in all Hitchin and Royston car parks.
  • By reviewing and rationalizing the 5p tariffs across all car parks in response to complaints received from the public about the older machines not always accepting 5p coins.
  • In adopting a consistent approach across all car parks and harmonize tariffs where possible within each town whilst respecting their separate identities.
  • By supporting local businesses in not increasing season ticket prices.

Key points

  • The one hour tariff band across all car parks in Hitchin, Letchworth and Royston will increase by a further 10p, including the after 3pm flat rate tariff band in all Hitchin car parks.
  • The 0-2 hour tariff in the Lairage MSCP will increase by 5p to align with the one-hour tariff band in the other long stay Hitchin car parks of Bancroft and Woodside.
  • In Knebworth, the half hour tariff will increase by 10p from 30p to 40p but the one-hour tariff will be retained.
  • All the 5p tariffs across all car parks will be rationalized to facilitate usage of the machines, this will result in the majority of the tariffs increasing by 5p, with some reductions in others.
  • In Knebworth, given the smaller size of the high street and in seeking to encourage visitors to stay longer to support the local businesses, the 5p tariff has been removed, thereby reducing the 2hr, 3hr and 4hr tariffs by 5p.
  • Retaining the off-peak subsidized incentive after 3pm in Royston.
  • All other parking tariffs will remain unchanged, including the cost of Season Tickets.

Publication of new tariffs

A Notice of Variation has been published in the local newspapers which lists the new tariffs.

This Notice of Variation relates to all off-street parking places listed in Schedule 2 of the following Orders: