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Season tickets for car parks

Parking season tickets can be purchased for use in several long stay council-operated car parks:

Season tickets can be used Monday to Saturday (parking is free on Sundays) and are not vehicle specific. They can be purchased for one, three, six or 12 month periods.

Buying a season ticket does not guarantee any space within a car park.

Apply online

A valid permit is required to be displayed in the vehicle.

You will need to create an account which will require a valid email address. Once you have created your account, you will be able to apply, renew, request changes and see the status of your applications online.

You should apply at least seven working days before your required start date of the permit. This is to allow time for us to process and post your permits to you. Permits may be applied for up to one calendar month before the required start date.

Season tickets cannot be purchased by visiting the Council Offices.

If this is your first application or your season ticket has expired, you will need to pay and display or use the pay by phone service to pay for your parking while you are waiting for your season ticket to arrive.


Long stay car park season tickets Cost
1 month £87.00
3 months £215.00
6 months £399.00
12 months £740.00

Displaying your season ticket

Vehicles must be correctly parked within the standard bays with the season ticket clearly displayed in the vehicle. Season ticket holders must abide by the maximum stay displayed on the tariff boards in each of the specified car parks.

Failure to display a ticket or exceeding the maximum stay can result in a Penalty Charge Notice. If you use a variety of vehicles or purchase a new one, please ensure that the season ticket is always correctly displayed in the correct vehicle when you park. 

Lost or stolen season tickets

If your permit is lost, damaged or stolen, email us at with a brief explanation of the circumstances.

If you work for a company that provides you with a season ticket, please contact the administrator of the scheme within your company in the first instance to inform them what has happened. They will liaise with Parking Support to replace your missing season ticket.

The lost/stolen permit will be cancelled and if found to be used, a Penalty Charge Notice will be issued. Should the lost/stolen permit be found, it must be returned to us.


If you wish to surrender your car park season ticket, a refund is available for the unused period (full months only). Please return your parking season ticket together with your request for a refund to North Hertfordshire District Council, Parking Permits, P.O. Box 10613, Nottingham, NG6 6DW. We will contact you with the details of the refund.

Season ticket terms and conditions

  1. I accept that it is my responsibility to apply for a renewal of any season ticket as and when it becomes due or necessary.
  2. I accept that holding a season ticket does not guarantee me a parking space.
  3. I accept that the Council may withdraw any season ticket should payment by cheque, credit/debit card or electronic transfer or any other forms of payment be dishonoured in respect of the appropriate fee due.
  4. I accept that the season ticket must be displayed on the inside of the windscreen so that all season ticket details are visible during the parking period.
  5. I accept that failure to display a valid ticket can result in a Penalty Charge Notice being issued.
  6. I accept that misuse or defacing of the season ticket will result in the cancellation of the season ticket.
  7. I accept that no replacement will be given in respect of lost season tickets.
  8. I accept that the purchase of a season ticket does not render the council subject to any liability in respect of loss or damage to any vehicle in a parking space or the contents or fittings of such vehicle.
  9. I accept that the Council reserves the right to change the status of the designated parking space/car park at any time, including changing short stay car parks to long stay car parks.
  10. I accept that season tickets are only for use in Council long stay car parks.
  11. I accept that the season ticket may be purchased for a period commencing from the date of the application but cannot be used before the commencement date applied for.
  12. I accept that the season ticket remains the property of North Hertfordshire District Council.