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Blue badge parking scheme

The blue badge disabled parking scheme allows drivers or passengers with a disability to park near to where they need to go.

In North Herts, you can apply for a blue badge through Hertfordshire County Council.

It is your responsibility to renew your blue badge and you should allow sufficient time to do this. You may not receive a reminder to renew your blue badge.

How to use your blue badge

Before you park you should check your blue badge is valid.

The blue badge should be displayed on the vehicle dashboard where it can be clearly read through the front windscreen with the expiry date and serial number showing at all times.

The parking clock must also be displayed, if parked in a place with a parking time limit and it must be set to show your time of arrival.

Failure to display your blue badge and parking clock correctly can result in a Penalty Charge Notice.

Civil Enforcement Officers have the right to request to inspect blue badges. The maximum penalty for misuse of a blue badge is £1,000.

Where you can park with a blue badge

On street:

  • in any blue badge (disabled) bay - the signs will show if there is any limit on the amount of time you may stay (clock required if there is a time limit)
  • on single and double yellow lines for up to three hours (clock required)
  • without time limit in on-street parking bays where parking is normally only allowed for a limited time (‘limited wait’ parking bays).
  • in place of a residents or visitor parking permit in areas where a residents parking zone is in force

Off street:

  • in the council’s pay and display car parks without payment or time limit in any bay, except those that are marked for specific use such as electric vehicle charging bays - many car parks have dedicated blue badge bays for ease of access

You cannot park in the following locations:

  • where a loading ban is active (yellow marks on the kerbside) or in loading bays
  • across dropped kerbs for driveways and pedestrian crossing points
  • in a suspended (temporarily out of use) bay
  • at bus stop clearways
  • at taxi ranks
  • in any areas marked with zig-zag lines

Apply for a disabled parking bay

If you are a Blue Badge holder living in North Herts you can apply to have a disabled parking bay close to your home. Any blue badge holder can use this parking bay (it’s not just for you).

You can also apply to have an existing disabled parking bay remarked.

These applications are administered by Hertfordshire County Council. If you want to check on the progress of your application, contact Hertfordshire County Council.