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Submit a planning appeal

If you seek consent or permission to carry out particular works to your property (such as building an extension) and your application is:

  • not decided within a set period
  • refused by the local authority
  • granted on conditions you disagree with

then you usually have the right of an appeal. Appeals can be submitted through the Planning Inspectorate:

The Planning Inspectorate administers these appeals. Only the applicant for consent or permission can make an appeal. There is no right of appeal for interested people or organisations (known as ‘third parties’) in England and Wales.

Householder Appeal Service

The Householder Appeal Service is an accelerated procedure for householder appeals which will proceed on the basis of written representations. The Service is only suitable for appeals against refusal of planning permission for householder applications.

Where the Householder Appeal Service is used, the appeal time limit is 12 weeks. For all other applications, the time limit to appeal is six months.

The Planning Inspectorate provides detailed guidance on how to submit an appeal and how to search for an existing appeal.