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Find your bin collection day

You can use our online reporting tool to find your bin collection days:

Rubbish bins and recycling containers are collected on alternate weeks. Food waste is collected weekly.

On the day

On your collection day please make sure:

  • your containers are out by 7am
  • your containers are placed at the front boundary of your property
  • your rubbish bin does not have anything in it which could be recycled
  • the bin lids are closed

Check what goes in each bin here.

If your bin is full

Grey bin: If your grey bin is full you can put extra recycling in a recyclable container e.g. cardboard box or paper bag next to your grey bin, on your usual collection day. The whole container and contents will then be recycled. If you use a non-recyclable container (e.g. plastic storage boxes or old recycling box) the contents will be emptied and the container left. Please do not use plastic carrier bags.

Purple bin: We do not accept additional general waste next to your purple rubbish bin. Extra non-recyclable waste can be taken to your nearest Household Waste Recycling Centre.

Brown food caddy: Households with six or more permanent and full time residents can request a second outdoor brown food caddy. Call us on 01462 474000 and choose the waste option to apply, or use the extra waste capacity application form here.

Missed bin

If you think your bin should have been emptied but wasn't, you can report a missed bin here.