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Request a new, replacement or larger bin

Request a replacement bin

If your bin or box has gone missing, check with your neighbours in case it has been misplaced. If there is still no sign of your bin, you can report it to us as 'lost'.

If your bin or box is damaged, use the online form below to tell us where the damage has occurred. Where possible the bin will be repaired for you to continue to use. If we cannot repair it, we will issue a replacement. Damaged bins that require replacement or repair must be available from your usual collection place, from the time you request a replacement.

Replacement bins are often reconditioned bins - all are refurbished and clean.

Replacement bins are usually delivered within a fortnight.

Request a larger bin

If you have:

  • six or more permanent and full time residents in your household or
  • two or more children under the age of 36 months in nappies permanently residing at your address

then you can call us on 01462 474000 and choose the waste option to apply for a larger bin, or apply using the extra waste capacity application form below.

Households requesting additional capacity will be invited to participate in a waste audit of their bins to see whether they are recycling everything they can. If they choose not to participate, or there are recyclable items in the general waste bin, they will not be provided with additional waste capacity.

If you have children in nappies, consider switching to Real Nappies to help reduce the amount of waste you produce and save you money too.

Request bins for a new property

If you need bins for a new property, email Customer Services with your request.

Bins are provided for refuse, mixed recycling, food waste and paper.

Garden waste is a subscription service and there is a charge for these bins. Please read our garden waste information to take out a subscription.