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Report a missed bin

If your bin has been missed, you can let us know using our online reporting service. You must report it within two days of your missed collection.

You should only report a missed bin if:

  • your bin was put out on the correct day - check your collection day here
  • your bin was out before 7am on the day of collection
  • your bin was on the boundary of your property
  • a sticker has not been placed on your bin stating we were not able to empty it - see common collection problems

If you still believe your bin was missed, please report it using our online form:

If your address cannot be found by the form, you can report your missed bin by calling 01462 474000 and choose the waste option.

When reporting a missed bin please provide your full address and details of the bin that was missed. You do not have to give any personal information, but if you do it will be processed in accordance with our privacy notice.

Other waste problems

You can contact us for help with any other waste issues.

Common collection problems

A sticker on your bin indicates there was a problem with your collection. Common problems include:

Problem What to do
Incorrect items Remove the incorrect items and put your bin out for collection on the next collection date. Check what can go in your bins here.
Excess waste Extra non-recyclable waste next to a full bin cannot be collected. You can take it to a recycling centre instead.
Overweight bin Remove any very heavy waste and take it to a recycling centre.
Waste is jammed or frozen If the bin's contents are stuck or frozen and the bin is not emptied, please dislodge the waste so it can be emptied on your next collection day. During cold weather you can loosen the contents by sliding a spade between the contents and the inside of the bin, or try storing your bin in a warmer or sheltered spot. Do not compress garden waste in your bin.
Access problems If the crew were not able to access your bin, please email us for further help.
Service disruption Delays or disruption to bin collections can occur due to weather conditions, road closures or vehicle breakdowns. Look out for updates on our website and social media channels.

Frozen waste

During cold weather the contents of your bins can become frozen. Our crews will attempt to empty frozen bins but sometimes the contents can become stuck.

To avoid your bin not being emptied:  

  • check the lid of your bin will open before collection is due
  • try not to squash garden waste into the bin
  • loosen the waste by sliding a spade between the contents and the side of the bin
  • store your bin in a slightly warmer place, such as against a wall or inside a garage or shed

Crews will leave a notice if your bin has not been emptied as a result of being frozen.