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If you see graffiti in North Herts you can ask for it to be removed. To help with prompt removal of the graffiti, please report it to the correct property owner as below.

Graffiti removal by property owners

Incidents of graffiti are the responsibility of the property owner and they should be contacted directly. Examples include: 

Property Contact
Virgin Media boxes Virgin Media
Telephone boxes Openreach
Electricity boxes National Grid
Railway structures Network Rail
Bridges, underpasses, road signs and roads Hertfordshire County Council
BT buildings BT

Request removal of graffiti

We can deal with instances of graffiti if they are on council owned and managed property (e.g. street name signs, litter bins, council operated car parks, council buildings).

If it is on private residential or commercial property, we will contact the owners to assist them in arranging for the removal, cleaning can be undertaken by the council for a charge.

You can report it to us using our online form, providing the specific location and type of graffiti e.g. tag, words or image:

You can also contact our waste service contractor directly to request the removal of graffiti on 01462 474000 (for council-owned/managed properties only).

Removal of graffiti which is of a racist or offensive nature will be given high priority. We report all incidences of racist graffiti to the police.

Graffiti removal by volunteers

If a community group would like to remove graffiti, please contact a contract officer on 0800 3286023. We have graffiti wipes available as part of our Community Tidy Up Toolkit for volunteer groups to use.

For more information please download our toolkit below.

Indemnity Form