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Report a street cleaning problem

In order to keep our streets clean and litter-free we carry out:

  • Removal of litter
  • Recycling of collected street litter (subject to material type) 
  • Removal of detritus (grit or dead vegetation)

If you notice a street or area that you feel requires cleansing, you can report it online:

Alternatively you can report it on 01462 474000 and choose the waste option.

Frequency of street cleaning

North Hertfordshire is divided into prescribed zone types according to the main use of the land. Although litter is unacceptable anywhere in the District, the time that the Council or other Duty Holder has to bring a littered area to a reasonable condition varies according to its zone and the amount of litter. The zones, grades and response times are set out in the Government’s Code of Practice on Litter and Refuse.

Land is categorised as one of four grades according to the amount of litter and detritus (grit, dead vegetation etc) that is present.

All streets should be maintained to an acceptable level of cleanliness (grade A or B) as described by the Government’s Code of Practice on litter and refuse:

Grade For litter and refuse For detritus
A No litter or refuse No detritus
B Predominately free of litter and refuse apart from some small items Predominately free of detritus except for some light scattering
C Widespread distribution of litter and/or refuse with minor accumulations Widespread distribution of detritus with minor accumulations
D Heavily affected by litter and/or refuse with significant accumulations Heavily affected by detritus with significant accumulations

The following organisations are also ‘Duty Holders’ and have responsibility to keep their premises free from litter and to restore land under their control which has become littered, to an acceptable standard within a certain amount of time, as laid down in the Code of Practice.

  • Educational establishments
  • The Railway Authority
  • Crown authorities
  • Hertfordshire County Council

Commercial premises holders and residents in the district are also responsible for keeping their premises clean.