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Holding an event

You must have permission to hold your event at your preferred location. This may mean you need to make more than one application to secure approval to use a location, as it may be subject to more than one piece of legislation.

If you are unsure who owns the land, please contact us and we will confirm if it is owned by North Herts Council or not.

Holding an event on council-owned land

If you plan to hold all or part of your event on land owned by us, you need to complete a land licence application form:

We will confirm if the site is available for your event and advise you of any queries that need answering before the land license is issued. If the land is not owned by us, you should always obtain consent from the land owner. All queries raised by our officers will need to be answered in full before a land licence can be issued.

Banners on land owned by us

If you want to advertise your event by putting up a banner on land owned by us, you need to submit an application:

Event charges 2024-25

Use of our land for major events such as travelling fairs and circuses is subject to a charge.

  • Pull on day - Free
  • Following day - Free
  • Remaining days - £600
  • Sundays when not operating - £300


  1. Hire rates shown typically apply to travelling fairs and circuses
  2. Minimum hire bond for fairs and circuses: £1,000
  3. Hire charges may be applied to other profit making / fee charging events
  4. Hire charges may be applied to community focussed events

Other profit making or fee charging events and activities of a smaller nature may also be charged at our discretion. Charges will be based on those for the larger events as appropriate for the nature, duration and frequency.

A land license will not be issued until all other criteria have been met. This includes (but is not limited to) the issuing of a premises license under the Licensing Act 2003, insurance cover, risk assessments, and approval from other authorities such as the police.