Strategic Partnership Involvement

North Hertfordshire Partnership

There are currently 13 member organisations of the North Hertfordshire Partnership (NHP). Meetings take place on a bi-annual basis to progress the area vision ‘to make North Hertfordshire a vibrant place to live, work and prosper’ and specifically three aspirations that were adopted in September 2014. The three ‘Aspirations’ were derived from the original themes of the Sustainable Community Strategy:

  • We will support individuals and businesses to develop and grow by provision of training and skills
  • We will support ‘civic engagement’ - Encouraging communities and individuals to have a greater voice and participate in local activities and community groups
  • We will play our part in the global effort to avoid climate change

The accompanying 'Actions and Measures of Success' document demonstrates how the partnership have contributed to these aspirations. It also outlines how the Partnership distributed the Central Government Performance Reward Grant (PRG) that was awarded to the Partnership in 2010.

The Health and Wellbeing Partnership is the one remaining sub-committee of the NHP. This committee meets quarterly and is made up of 18 organisations.

Sustainable Community Strategy

The Sustainable Community Strategy commits the resources and expertise of numerous local organisations to addressing issues that local people feel will improve their quality of life. The development of the strategy themes and subsequent Aspirations ensures the partnership supports the community of North Hertfordshire.

Rural Strategy

North Hertfordshire's rural areas provide a valuable and rich heritage to the district, with settlements ranging from small hamlets to villages approaching the size of small towns.

The Council’s Rural Strategy shows what we want to achieve as resources become available.