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Non-dependant deductions

Anyone who lives with you who is over 18 and is not your partner, a dependant child, joint tenant or sub-tenant, is called a "non-dependant".

In most circumstances they are expected to help towards your rent. If you are of state pension age then this applies to your council tax too. An amount is taken from your Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction – even if you do not get any money from them. The amount deducted depends upon the non-dependant’s age and gross income.

No deduction will be made if:

  1. You are of working age and receiving Council Tax Reduction
  2. You or your partner:
    • are blind, or
    • in receipt of Attendance Allowance, or any rate of the Care component of Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payment (PIP).
  3. The non-dependant:
    • is normally resident elsewhere or
    • is a full time student or
    • is in legal custody or
    • has been in hospital for 52 weeks or more or
    • is in receipt of work based training allowance or the claim is for Second Adult Rebate.

For non-dependant couples who live together in your home, their incomes are added together and one deduction is made from your benefit.