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Business parking permits

If your business is located in a residents parking zone, you may be entitled to apply for a Business Permit. Business permits are not applicable in Baldock Zone A.

Only one business permit per small business may be issued. The business may apply for the permit to be valid for up to two operational vehicles. The permit can only be used in one of the operational vehicles at any time.

The cost of a business permit is £84.00 for 12 months or £42.00 for 6 month. 


To be eligible for a business permit the vehicle must be an operational vehicle owned by the small business:

  • "Small Business" means a trade or profession whose floor space is 235 square metres or less and has a postal address.
  • An "Operational Vehicle" means a vehicle not exceeding 3.5 tonnes gross laden weight, owned and operated by a business for the explicit use of making deliveries, collections, servicing or such other business activity as the Council shall consider and approve.
  • If the vehicle/s are owned by you as an individual and not the business you will need supply evidence that you own the business.

Apply online

You will need to create an account which will require a valid email address. Once you have created your account, you will be able to apply, renew, request changes and see the status of your applications online.

It is necessary to provide evidence to support all applications and renewals of permits.

We will then check the uploaded documents to confirm the businesses eligibility. If the business meets the required criteria an offer email will be sent advising that your application has been approved.

In order to issue your permit we will require payment to be made within 14 days of the offer being made. Payment can be made by logging into your account. Once payment has been received, your permit will be processed and posted to you.

Please note that permits issued before 29 May 2019 will not show in your account as they were issued prior to the new online system.

For further information please contact the Parking Support team at or telephone 01462 474 631 select Option 3.