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Cabinet Panel on the Environment

Terms of Reference

The Panel's Terms of Reference are to consider a range of climate and environmental issues, and in particular to:

  1. Engage with individuals and the community, act as a sounding board on community ideas and projects and seek evidence and views as appropriate
  2. Consider a range of views on issues relating to Climate Change (both mitigation of and adaption to) and environmental matters
  3. Help and where appropriate maintain any links with relevant external (public, research and industrial) bodies
  4. Consider any relevant government or agency consultations and advise Cabinet or the relevant Executive Member and Service Director of a proposed response
  5. Contribute towards the review of the Climate Change Strategy
  6. Act as an advisory Panel to Cabinet in relation to the above.

Upcoming meetings

The dates and proposed themes for the meetings in 2023/24 are listed below:

  • 19 July 2023 - Water
  • 27 September 2023 - Sustainable Development
  • 6 December 2023 - Waste
  • 20 March 2024 - Review of Achievements

Public presentations

Speakers should register their interest to speak by midday two days before the meeting.

The Joint Chairs ask that a written submission of the content or subject be submitted to by the above deadline. Those selected to make presentations will be advised the day before the meeting. This ensures the topic of the presentation is assigned to the most appropriate panel meeting for consideration. 

Prior submission allows the panel enough time to deliberate and reflect on the contents of the presentation. Following this process will ensure that careful and thoughtful discussion can take place.