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Councillors' allowances

Councillors are entitled to claim allowances for their work as elected representatives.

A Councillor's basic allowance covers the time devoted by Councillors to their work both in Council meetings, as well as meetings with constituents, site visits, correspondence, telephone calls and any IT needs outside of those provided by the Council.

Special responsibilities

Special responsibility allowances are paid to Councillors who hold the following posts designated by the Council:

  • Leader of the Council (and Cabinet Chairman)
  • Deputy Leader of the Council
  • Cabinet Executive Members
  • Chair of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee
  • Chair of the Finance, Audit and Risk Committee
  • Chair of the Planning Control Committee
  • Chair of the Licensing and Appeals Committee
  • Chairs of the Area Forum
  • Leader of each Opposition Political Group (subject to a minimum of 3 Members).
  • The Chair and Vice-Chair of Council also receive an allowance


Councillors are also entitled to claim expenses for travelling, subsistence and an allowance for Childcare and Dependants' Carers. The Members Allowances Schemes and Outturns below set out the net amounts paid to each Councillor.

For further information on Councillors' Allowances and previous reports on Allowances and Expenses, contact the Committee & Member Services Team.

Independent Remuneration Panel

An Independent Remuneration Panel make recommendations on the level of basic and special responsibility allowances and associated matters that are paid to Councillors.

The Members Allowance Scheme 2024-25 will come into place on 1 April 2024.