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Dealing with disrepair in your rented house or flat

If you are a tenant and there is disrepair, defective amenities, or unsafe conditions in the property that you are renting, the Council can help deal with these issues.

Ask your landlord first

You should contact your landlord to report the problem initially and ask them to deal with the issue.

Most landlords will want to remedy problems quickly. You should not be concerned about the landlord reacting negatively about any complaint you make.

Social housing tenants: if you have followed your Landlord’s complaint reporting procedure and you are not satisfied with the outcome of your problem or the standard of your repair, you have the right to appeal through the relevant formal complaints procedure. You also have a final right of appeal to the Housing Ombudsman Service.

If after these steps you remain dissatisfied and still have the disrepair issue, we may investigate on your behalf after discussions with the relevant housing provider.

Private sector tenants: your Landlord has a responsibility to ensure that properties they let out are safe and in a good state of repair. If they fail in their responsibilities, we have the power to take action to ensure the property they let is safe - see Regulatory Standards in Rented Property. This page outlines the key issues that landlords need to be aware of, but is not intended to be a definitive list of all required standards.

Report a problem to us

If your landlord does not deal with the issue in a reasonable time period and you have followed the relevant complaints processes relating to either social housing or private sector tenants, you can report the problem to us:

We aim to contact you within three working days of receiving your request.

Condensation and mould

For information about controlling condensation and mould, please see the booklet below.