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Apply for social housing

Social housing in the district is for local residents with a housing need, for example due to overcrowding or because they need to move on medical grounds.

In North Hertfordshire social housing properties are owned and managed by housing associations or registered providers of social housing.

How to apply

The Common Housing Register is the waiting list for social housing in North Hertfordshire. You can apply to join if you are aged 16 years or over.

Once you have applied, we will contact you within four weeks. You will need to provide further documents to support your application.

Assessing your application

Detailed information on how applications are assessed and prioritised for social housing can be found in the Common Housing Allocation Scheme document below. 

You need to have a local connection to North Hertfordshire to join the Common Housing Register.

You will not qualify if:

  • you do not have a housing need
  • you or a member of your household has engaged in anti-social behaviour or certain types of crime
  • you have outstanding housing debts
  • you or a member of your household has been evicted from social housing
  • you have sufficient resources to buy your own property
  • you have made a fraudulent application to the Common Housing Register
  • your household has a gross income of over £60,000 per annum

Demand for social housing is high, so there may be a long wait before you receive an offer of accommodation, depending on your circumstances.

Joining the Common Housing Register is not a guarantee that you will be successful in securing a property.

Change in circumstances

You must tell us if your circumstances change (for example, if you add/remove a partner or move house). You can complete a change in circumstances form online through your Home4U account.

If you change address, you need to complete a new application form with details of your new property. Please include evidence of your new address (e.g. copy of bills showing your name and new address) and a copy of your tenancy agreement if applicable. Send the form and documents to the organisation you applied to join the Housing Register with - us or settle.

Medical assessment

If you have medical issues which are adversely affected by your current housing, please complete the medical assessment form below and send it with the required evidence to

Social housing outside North Herts

Social housing is in high demand in North Hertfordshire, but waiting lists may be shorter in other parts of the country. 

If you are looking for a social home and are willing to consider properties further afield, you may wish to register with Homefinder UK which will give you access to available social properties across the country.