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Local land charge searches

LLC1 searches

As of Monday 22 January 2024 we no longer provide the LLC1 search service. The LLC1 element of the Local Land Charges Register has moved to HM Land Registry’s national register (HMLR). You can use the new digital service on GOV.UK.

We continue to provide replies to Con29R and Con29O enquiries.

Up to date information on fees can be found on the fees page.

Local land charge searches are carried out by a conveyancer acting on behalf of a person buying or selling property or land.

A local land charge search will reveal any restrictions on a property or land that are binding on successive owners or occupiers. A local land charges search is intended to protect the interests of anyone buying a property and can reveal any charges on a property or land that can bind the owner to a payment of a sum of money.

A local land charge search is in two parts. The first part is the LLC1 which deals with all registerable charges, such as planning agreements, grants, tree preservation orders, and listed buildings.

The second part, the CON 29(R) contains a series of standard questions covering planning, highways, building control and environmental health. It deals with issues such as road schemes, planning history and environmental matters. There is an additional form, the CON 29(O). These questions are optional enquiries and provide specific information. There is a fee for each optional enquiry question.

The information given on a search relates only to the property or land identified on the search requested and plan. The Council does not provide information regarding surrounding property or land unless this is specifically requested.

A Local Authority Search provides:

  • A fast turnaround service, usually returned within five working days
  • Results returned electronically
  • Full search information with all questions answered definitively
  • Complete knowledge and understanding of Council records

Drainage enquiries

Drainage enquiries are dealt with by Anglian Water Authority and Thames Water Authority.

Contaminated land enquiries

Any enquiries requiring more information than that provided in response to the CON29 questions 3.12 a & b, must be referred to the Environmental Protection Officer (Contaminated Land)

Land Registry

When land or property is purchased, the title is registered at HM Land Registry.

More information

If you would like any further information on Local Land Charges please contact 01462 474538 or e-mail