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Notice to Owner/Keeper/Hirer - Penalty Charge Notice

If a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) remains unpaid after 28 days from the date of service, or after a reply to an unsuccessful informal challenge has been sent, the Council will request the registered keeper's details from the DVLA and serve a Notice to Owner/Keeper/Hirer (NtO) on that person.

The NtO may be issued 28 days after service of the PCN, however the maximum time limit that it can be normally issued is six months after the service of the PCN.

The NtO is a legal document. The purpose of it is to let the registered keeper of the vehicle know that a PCN is outstanding. It explains:

  • where and when the PCN was issued
  • why it was issued
  • how much is payable and
  • how to make a representation

Please note that we cannot serve a NtO on any person other than the registered keeper, except in clearly defined circumstances. The registered keeper may not necessarily be the driver.

If you were the driver when the PCN was issued but you are not the registered keeper, you are advised to contact the keeper who can respond to the Notice accordingly. The registered keeper is legally liable for the penalty charge even if they were not the driver at the time the PCN was issued, so any formal representation must come from them.

The registered keeper of the vehicle can decide whether to pay or make a representation:

If no payment or formal representation is received in response to the NtO in the time allowed, a Charge Certificate may be sent to the registered keeper. This will increase the amount of penalty charge by a further 50%. Once a Charge Certificate has been issued, representations may only be considered in special circumstances.