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Plastics recycling

There are lots of plastics you can recycle, but there are also some that you cannot.

Plastic bags and wrapping recycling collection trial

If you are on the trial and wish to order more blue bags, please email us at Please include your address so we can confirm you are part of the trial and we will get more bags delivered to you as soon as possible.

Plastics you can recycle in your mixed recycling bin

Please make sure all of your plastics are clean and empty before putting them into your mixed recycling bin.

Type of plastic Examples
Washing products Washing-up liquid bottles
Fabric softener bottles
Food trays and containers Yoghurt pots, food 'pots/tubs' for soup, noodles and cakes
Meat trays
Margarine tubs
Ready-meal containers
Punnet-style containers that hold fruit / vegetables, such as mushrooms or grapes
Health and beauty Hair gel containers
Facial or body cream pots
Shampoo and Conditioner bottles
Sun cream bottles
Bottles Milk bottles
Squash bottles
Water bottles
Cleaning Products Tubs for cleaning products, such as stain remover and detergent
Detergent bottles
Cleaning fluid bottles
Bleach bottles
Garden and garage Fertiliser and lawn care bottles
Pesticide and pest care bottles
Weed killer bottles

Don't forget to also recycle cardboard, cartons, glass, cans, aerosols and clean foil.

Plastics that cannot be recycled - put them in your purple bin

Plastic carrier bags Plastic bread bags
Bubble wrap Plastic bags from breakfast cereals
Clingfilm Plastic wrappers from multipacks of cans and plastic bottles
Crisp packets Plastic wrappers from toilet roll and kitchen towel
Food and drink pouches Plastic freezer bags
Film lids from food trays Plastic magazine (home delivery) and newspaper wrap
Any non-Polyethylene film (e.g. PP, PVC, others) Plant pots (greater than 9cm in diameter)
Buckets Paint tins
Toys Lipstick
Pressed powder containers Toothpaste tubes

Plastic carrier bags

Please do NOT put plastic carrier bags into your mixed recycling bin. Most local supermarkets offer plastic bag recycling facilities.

Putting these types of plastics in the recycling can cause problems with the machinery at the recycling centre. This might mean that all the recycling can’t be recycled and will end up in landfill.

Plastics you can recycle at your local Household Waste Recycling Centre

Hard plastics from the home and garden
Plastic toys

For more information on locations and opening times of your nearest Household Waste Recycling Centre, visit