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Private Hire Operators Licence

Under the Taxi and Private Hire Licencing Policy, the licencing requirements for private hire vehicles are much the same as for taxis, although operators must also be licenced in addition to the driver and the vehicle.

In order to accept bookings for private hire vehicles, a private hire operators’ licence is required. The licence is issued for a maximum of five years. The operator must keep a record of all bookings.

It is important that you read the “Immigration checks leaflet” document before submitting your Grant or Renewal application.

Step 1 - The Application Form

The applicant(s) are required to complete an application form and submit to the Council, You can scan and email or post the form complete with the application fee for a five year period. Please use our online payment system.

In order to obtain an operators' licence for North Hertfordshire, your operating base (that is where the telephone is answered and bookings are actually taken) must be within the District of North Hertfordshire.

Step 2 - The Disclosure & Barring Service Disclosure

If you are already licensed as a current driver within North Hertfordshire, you do not need to provide a Disclosure & Barring Service disclosure, as you will have already provided one when you obtained your driver’s licence.

If you are not licensed as a current driver with the Council, you will be required to provide a basic Disclosure & Barring Service disclosure.

Step 3 - Operating Base Inspection

In order to ensure that you will be operating from a base within North Hertfordshire, a Council Officer will inspect your operating base to ensure that this requirement is met. Once you have submitted your application, you will be contacted by an officer to arrange a visit.

Step 4 - Issuing the Licence

Once all the relevant paperwork has been received and the inspection completed, a paper licence will be issued. The licence can either be collected from the Council Offices or dispatched by post.

You will be contacted by either email or phone to inform you the paper licence is ready for collection.

Please do not call to chase up your plate, these calls will not be returned.

If you have any questions please email