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Public register and delegated decisions

Our Environmental Health and Licensing Teams maintain a number of public registers that provide information on activities that the teams regulate. 

Public register

The public register lists the following licences, permits and authorisations:

Licensing Act 2003

  • Premises licences
  • Club premises certificates
  • Personal licences

Gambling Act 2005

  • Betting shops
  • Adult gaming centres
  • Family entertainment centres
  • Licensed premises gaming machine notifications
  • Licensed premises gaming machine permits
  • Club gaming permits
  • Club gaming machine permits

Housing Act 2004

  • Houses in multiple occupation

Animal Activity Licences

  • Catteries
  • Kennels
  • Home boarding of dogs
  • Breeding of dogs
  • Selling animals as pets
  • Hiring of horses for riding
  • Dog day creches
  • Keeping or training animals for exhibition
  • Dangerous wild animals

Taxi and Private Hire

  • Taxi vehicles
  • Taxi drivers
  • Private hire vehicles
  • Private hire drivers
  • Private hire operators
  • Dual drivers


  • Pavement licences
  • Scrap metal dealer sites

Other Public Registers

Viewing the registers at our offices

Information from the public registers is also available for members of the public to view at the District Council Offices, Gernon Road, Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire, SG6 3JF.

Copies of the registers can be provided for which a charge is made to cover copying costs.

Delegated decisions

The Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014 require the Council to publish details of certain decisions that have been delegated to officers of the Council.