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Apply for a personal licence

A Personal Licence is required by an individual to supply or authorise the sale of alcohol in any premises.

The Personal Licence is separate from the licence which authorises the premises to be used for the supply of alcohol. A personal licence authorises its holder to supply alcohol only from establishments with a premises license authorising the supply of alcohol in accordance with the premises licence.

To complete an application for a personal licence you will need to submit the following:

  • a completed application form
  • a completed disclosure of convictions and declaration
  • a basic DBS disclosure certificate (less than 28 days old at the date of application)
  • proof of qualification
  • two passport size photos (one signed to endorse it is a true likeness)
  • the correct fee which is £37 - Payment for Personal Licence application
  • proof of your right to work in the United Kingdom

Before submitting your application, please ensure you are applying to the correct council. Your licence will always be issued by the council where you ordinarily reside.

Application documents

You can email your application and supporting documents to:


You can pay your application fee online:

DBS disclosure certificate

You can apply for a basic DBS disclosure certificate online:

If you request an electronic copy of your basic DBS check you can supply us with a share code to enable us to view the results. Please ensure this is provided within the application form or email at time of submission.

Notification of change of name or address

The Licensing Act Section 127 (1) states that the holder of a personal licence must, as soon as is reasonably practical, notify the relevant licensing authority of any change in their name or address as stated in the personal licence.

The notification must be accompanied by the prescribed fee (£10.50). There is no prescribed form of notification, a letter or email will suffice.

If providing a change of name you must supply documentation supporting your change of name, this can include but is not limited to:

  • Marriage certificate
  • Deed poll certificate

You can make payment using our online payment service:

The notice must be accompanied by the personal licence or, if that is not practicable, by a statement setting out the reasons why the licence cannot be produced.

A personal licensee who fails to give notice of the change in his name or address is committing an offence, and on summary conviction may be fined a sum not exceeding level 2 on the standard (£500).

Renewing your personal licence

The Deregulation Act 2015 came into effect on the 1 April 2015, and abolished the requirement to renew personal licences. Instead personal licences will carry on indefinitely until such time that they are either surrendered or revoked.

Can I still use my existing personal licence, even though it appears to have expired?

Yes. Because the requirement to renew has been abolished, the expiry date no longer applies.

Can I get my licence updated to remove the expiry date?

Yes. All newly issued personal licences will have the expiry date removed, and this will be done automatically the next time you apply to update your licence; for example if you change name or address. However, if you wish to have your licence updated early, you can apply for a newly issued "copy" of your licence. To do so you will need to supply us with:

  • A written request to replace your licence, providing your full name, address.
  • Your existing licence or an explanation as to why it cannot be returned.
  • The £10.50 administration fee.

Do I need to change my photo?

No. There is currently no requirement to update your photo. However you may run into difficulties if you no longer resemble the photo printed upon your personal licence. Therefore we strongly recommend that you get your photo updated at least every 10 years (in line with the requirements of driving licences and passports). As with any change to a personal licence, this will incur a £10.50 administration fee. You need only pay a single fee if making multiple changes at the same time.