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Event waste management

If you are organising an event you will also need to consider your responsibility to manage the waste that will be generated at your event, particularly if you are having stalls with food and/or drink.

We can provide a waste and recycling service tailored to meet your event’s requirements and we offer a range of different sized bins that can be provided for both refuse and recycling. Please email for a quote.

Events often produce valuable recyclable materials in addition to general refuse; this includes glass bottles, drink cans, plastics, paper and cardboard. Our residents are used to recycling at home and so expect to see this at events. By offering recycling at your event, your business is also presenting a positive environmental message to visitors and enhancing the image of your event.

If available, the waste management team could also be present during your event with a promotional stand where the public can access further information about the recycling on-site and at home.

Before the event

We will need you to contact us giving one month’s notice prior to the event, to ensure the relevant documents are dispatched and received. We will need to confirm the following:

  • your bin requirements
  • date(s) of the event
  • full invoicing address and contact details
  • delivery and collection dates
  • Duty of Care Waste Transfer Note (to be completed and returned in advance)

During the event

You will need to ensure staff and attendees are aware of where the bins are located and they do not overflow. If you have recycling bins, you will need to ensure the correct items are placed in each bin. Contaminated recycling bins that contain incorrect items will be charged as refuse.

After the event

The event organiser has a legal “Duty of Care” to ensure all waste - including recycling - is taken off site and is processed according to the law. Any waste contractor employed to collect and process the waste must have the correct licenses. The event organiser would be held legally responsible for any material that is processed or transported without the proper licenses and documentation in place.