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Examination Library

1. Local Plan Submission Documents

Reference No.Document Title
LP1North Hertfordshire Local Plan 2011 - 2031, Proposed Submission (PDF, 9Mb)
LP2aSubmission Proposals Map - Sheet 1 Side A (PDF, 19.7Mb)
LP2bSubmission Proposals Map - Sheet 1 Side B (PDF, 17.31Mb)
LP2cSubmission Proposals Map - Sheet 2 Side A (PDF, 13.7Mb)
LP2dSubmission Proposals Map - Sheet 2 Side B (PDF, 8.04Mb)
LP2eSubmission Proposals Map - Sheet 3 Side A (PDF, 7.13Mb)
LP3Schedule of Proposed Additional Modifications (PDF, 275Kb)
LP4Draft Sustainability Appraisal of North Hertfordshire Proposed Submission Local Plan (PDF, 609.69Kb)
LP5Reg. 18 Consultation Statement (PDF, 609Kb)
LP6Reg. 22 Consultation Statement (PDF,397Kb)
LP7Regulation 20 consultation responses
LP8Sustainability Appraisal supplementary paper (PDF, 780Kb)
LP9Consultation Statement annex (PDF, 2.74Mb)

2. Other Local Plan Documents

Reference No.Document Title
OLP1Local Development Scheme (PDF, 385Kb)
OLP2Statement of Community Involvement (PDF, 207Kb)
OLP3Housing Options Growth Levels and Locations [Reg. 18 consultation] (PDF, 24.4Mb)
OLP4Housing Additional Location Options [Reg. 18 consultation] (PDF 48.8Mb)
OLP5Local Plan Preferred Options [Reg.18 consultation] (PDF 3.26Mb)
OLP6Annual Monitoring Report 2015 (PDF, 385Kb)

SA-SEA 2014 Main Report Preferred Options (PDF, 492.72Kb)

Appendix 1: Review of Policies, Plans and Programmes November 2014 (PDF, 765.58Kb)

Appendix 2: Key Sustainability Issues and Baseline Review November 2014 (PDF, 576.84Kb)

Appendix 3: Appraisal of Objectives November 2014 (PDF, 66.57Kb)

Appendix 4: Spatial Strategy Assessment November 2014 (PDF, 403.03Kb)

Appendix 5: Sustainability Appraisal of Growth Options (2012) November 2014 (PDF, 347.78Kb)

Appendix 6: Strategic housing options - summaries and matrices November 2014 (PDF, 412.89Kb)

Appendix 7: Appraisal of preferred sites – significance criteria, summaries and matrices November 2014 (PDF, 1.49Mb)

Appendix 8: Appraisal of sites not taken forward – significance criteria, summaries and matrices November 2014 (PDF, 2.04Mb)

Appendix 9: Appraisal of policies - matrices November 2014 (PDF, 1.03Mb)

Appendix 10: Consultation comments and how they have been addressed November 2014 (PDF, 612.18Kb)

3. Statements of Compliance and other assessments

Reference No.Document Title
SOC1Duty to Co-operate Compliance Statement (PDF, 506Kb)
SOC2Planning Advisory Service (PAS) legal self assessment (PDF, 341Kb)
SOC3PAS soundness self assessment (PDF, 642Kb)
SOC4Habitats Regulation Assessment Screening Report (PDF, 140Kb)
SOC5Equality Impact Assessment (PDF, 249Kb)

4. Memoranda of Understanding and other agreements (MoU)

Reference No.Document Title
MOU1East Hertfordshire District Council (PDF, 168Kb)
MOU2Anglian Water (PDF, 64.4Kb)
MOU3NHDC / Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) Direction of Travel (PDF, 593Kb)
MOU4Uttlesford District Council (PDF, 196Kb)
MOU5Environment Agency (PDF, 103Kb)
MOU6Thames Water (PDF, 361Kb)
MOU7Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council (PDF, 2.95Mb)
MOU8Central Bedfordshire Council (PDF, 252Kb)
MOU9Hertfordshire LEP (PDF, 202Kb)
MOU10South Cambridgeshire District Council (PDF, 190Kb)
MOU11Stevenage BC (PDF, 4.06Mb)
MOU11aStevenage BC (Appendix) (PDF, 2.29Mb)

5. Economy and Town Centres

Reference No.Document Title
E1North Hertfordshire Retail Study Update (PDF, 7.64Mb)
E2Retail Background Paper (PDF, 198Kb)
E3Functional Economic Market Area Study - Stevenage, North Hertfordshire and central Bedfordshire Councils (PDF, 5.48Mb)
E4North Hertfordshire Employment Land Review (PDF 3.10Mb)
E5Employment Background Paper (PDF, 588Kb)
E6East of England Forecasting Model 2014 results for North Hertfordshire (PDF, 82.1Kb)
E7Productive North Herts Economic Development Strategy (PDF, 5.54Mb)
E8Productive North Herts Economic Development Strategy Action Plan (PDF, 68.1Mb)
E9Productive North Herts Economic Development Strategy Evidence (PDF, 2.03Mb)

6. Countryside and Green Belt

Reference No.Document Title
CG1Green Belt Review (PDF, 15.1Mb)
CG2Land south of Little Wymondley : Landscape Sensitivity Study (PDF, 3.24Mb)
CG3Land north of Baldock : Landscape Opportunities and Constraints Plan (PDF, 1.50Mb)
CG4Land north of Baldock : Landscape Sensitivity Study (PDF, 3.11Mb)
CG5Land north of Letchworth : Landscape Opportunities and Constraints Plan (PDF, 6.70MB)
CG6Land north of Letchworth : Landscape Sensitivity Study (PDF, 4.34Mb)
CG7Land south west of Hitchin: Landscape Sensitivity Study Part 1 (PDF, 8.91Mb)
CG8Land north of Stevenage : Landscape Sensitivity Study Part 1 (PDF, 4.58Mb)
CG9Land north of Stevenage : Landscape Sensitivity Study Part 2 (PDF, 8.08Mb)
CG10SNAP North - Landscape opportunity mapping (PDF, 693Kb)
CG11Summary Landscape Assessment - North of Stevenage (PDF, 110Kb)
CG12Summary Landscape Assessment - North East of Stevenage (PDF, 495Kb)
CG13Summary Landscape Assessment - West of Stevenage (PDF, 395Kb)
CG14Summary Landscape Assessment - Rush Green (PDF, 95.2Kb)
CG15East of Luton Landscape Report  (PDF, 1.61Mb)
CG16North Herts Landscape Study 2011 Part 1 (PDF, 12Mb)
CG16aNorth Herts Landscape Study 2011 Part 2 (PDF, 17.5Mb)

7. Transport and Infrastructure

Reference No.Document Title
TI1Infrastructure Delivery Plan (PDF, 1.53Mb)
TI2Local Plan Viability Assessment Update (PDF, 4.83Mb)
TI3Local Plan Transport Technical Review (PDF, 3.6Kb)
TI4North Hertfordshire Local Plan Model Testing (PDF, 4.31Mb)
TI5Baldock Link Road Testing (PDF, 469Kb)
TI6Baldock Air Quality Paper (PDF, 451Kb)
TI7East of Luton Urban Extension Stage 2 Transport Modelling (PDF, 3.73Mb)
TI8HCC Transport Vision 2050 (PDF, 7.54Mb)
TI9Royston Sewage Treatment Works Water Cycle Study (PDF, 117Kb)
TI10Rye Meads Water Cycle Strategy (PDF, 6.11Mb)
TI11Rye Meads Water Cycle Strategy Review (PDF, 7.63Mb)
TI12Hertfordshire Renewable and Low Carbon Energy Technical Study (PDF, 16.3Mb)
TI13Meeting the Demand for School Places (Secondary) Summer 2016/17
TI14Vehicle Parking at New Development Sept 2011 (PDF, 4.3Mb)
TI15 Hertfordshire's Local Transport Plan 2018 - 2031 (PDF, 9.3Mb)

8. Housing

Reference No.Document Title
HOU1Housing and Green Belt Background Paper (PDF, 8.13Mb)
HOU2Housing Market Areas in Bedfordshire and surrounding areas (PDF, 6.32Mb)
HOU3Updating the Overall Housing Need (PDF, 474Kb)
HOU4Stevenage and North Hertfordshire Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) Update (PDF, 1.33Mb)
HOU5Stevenage and North Hertfordshire SHMA Update Volume Two : Establishing the need for all types of housing (PDF, 1.47Mb)
HOU6North Hertfordshire New Settlement Study (PDF, 5.24Mb)
HOU7Luton Housing Market Area Growth Study (PDF, 20.3Mb)
HOU8Luton HMA and Site Selection Assessment Report (PDF, 3.16Mb)
HOU9Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment : 2016 Update (PDF, 466Kb)
HOU9aStrategic Housing Land Availability Assessment : 2016 Update - Maps (PDF, 18.7Mb)
HOU10Gypsy, Traveller and Showperson Accommodation Assessment Update (PDF, 672Mb)
HOU11Pulmore Water Capacity Study (PDF, 265Kb)
HOU12Technical Housing Standards - nationally described space standard: Review of on-going schemes in North Hertfordshire (PDF, 411Kb)
HOU13Site Information Matrix  (PDF, 2.04Mb)

9. Sports, Open Space and Community

Reference No.Document Title
OSC1North Hertfordshire Playing Pitch Strategy Assessment Report (PDF, 3.81Mb)
OSC2North Hertfordshire Indoor Sports Facilities Study Assessment Report (PDF, 5.12Mb)
OSC3Community Halls Strategy for North Hertfordshire (PDF, 2.49Mb)
OSC4North Hertfordshire Open Space Review and Standards (PDF, 1.35Mb)

10. Natural and Historic Environment

Reference No.Document Title
NHE1Heritage Assessment - Ashwell (PDF, 4.57Mb)
NHE2Heritage Assessment - Baldock (PDF, 5.90Mb)
NHE3Heritage Assessment - Barkway (PDF, 6.72Mb)
NHE4Heritage Assessment - Hitchin (PDF, 6.99Mb)
NHE5Heritage Assessment - Ickleford (PDF, 5.55Mb)
NHE6Heritage Assessment - Little Wymondley (PDF, 5.03Mb)
NHE7Heritage Assessment - North Stevenage (PDF, 7.74Mb)
NHE8BA1 Baldock - Advice Note - Corn Bunting (PDF, 2.44Mb)
NHE9BA1 Baldock - Advice Note - Ivel Springs (PDF, 1.00Mb)
NHE10RY1 Royston - Recreational Impacts on Therfield Heath SSSI (PDF, 365Kb)
NHE11PR1 Preston - Recreational Impacts on Wain Wood SSSI (PDF, 448Kb)
NHE12aStrategic Flood Risk Assesment Update (2016) (PDF, 25.21Mb)
NHE12bStrategic Flood Risk Assesment Update (2016) (PDF, 30.51Mb)
NHE12cStrategic Flood Risk Assesment Update (2016) (PDF, 44.15Mb)
NHE12dStrategic Flood Risk Assesment Update (2016) (PDF, 15.33Mb)
NHE12eStrategic Flood Risk Assesment Update (2016) (PDF, 44.92Mb)
NHE13aStrategic Flood Risk Assesment (2008) (PDF, 29.47Mb)
NHE13bStrategic Flood Risk Assesment (2008) (PDF, 37.98Mb)
NHE13cStrategic Flood Risk Assesment (2008) (PDF, 29.89Mb)
NHE14Hertfordshire Renewable and Low Carbon Study 2010 (PDF, 17Mb)
NHE15Green Infrastructure Report August 2009 - Part 1 (PDF, 34.96Mb)
NHE15Green Infrastructure Report August 2009 - Part 2 (PDF, 21.80Mb)

Affinity Water Draft Drought Management Plan 2017 (PDF, 3777Kb)

Draft Drought Management Plan Appendices 2017 (PDF, 2319Kb)

Draft Drought Management Plan Technical Report 2017 (PDF, 3501Kb)

Draft Drought Management Plan Non-Technical Summary (PDF, 2193Kb)

11. Other documents

Reference No.Document Title
ORD1Compiled Council and Cabinet reports and minutes (PDF, 1.68Mb)
ORD2A Green Space Management Strategy for North Hertfordshire (PDF, 2.44Mb)
ORD3Planning for biodiversity and the natural environment in Hertfordshire: guiding principles (PDF, 290Kb)
ORD4Hertfordshire Biodiversity Action Plan (PDF, 3MB)
ORD5Stevenage Borough Council Green Belt Review Part II (PDF, 7.36Mb)
ORD6Stevenage Borough Local Plan - Publication Draft (PDF, 4.28Mb)
ORD7Stevenage Mobility Strategy December 2016 (PDF, 14Mb)
ORD8Appeal Decision Whitwell SP2 (PDF, 177Kb)
ORD9Design SPD July 2011 (PDF, 5.74Mb)
ORD9aDesign SPD - Appendix 2 Final Plans (PDF, 5.35Mb)
ORD10Central Bedfordshire Pre Submission Local Plan (PDF, 16,493Kb)
ORD11Independent Examiner's Report of the Wymondley Neighbourhood Plan (PDF, 342Kb)