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Hearing Timetable and Statements - Week 3 - 27-30 November 2017

The hearing sessions start at 9.00am on all days following the opening day of Monday 13 November 2017.

Deadline for Hearing Statements covering the matters for discussion during weeks 1-4 of the hearing sessions: Friday 3 November.

Hearings Timetable - Week 3

Monday 27th November, Wednesday 29th November and Thursday 30th November 2017

Week 3Morning Session 9.00amAfternoon Session 2.00pm
Monday 27
  • Matter 19 – The natural environment
  • Matter 20 – The historic environment



Wednesday 29
  • Matter 15 - Countryside and Green Belt: the policy approach to the Green Belt, Rural Areas beyond the Green belt and Urban Open Land
  • Matter 17 – Design (including air quality)
Thursday 30
  • Matter 16 – Transport and infrastruture
  • Reserve 

Hearing Statements Week 3

Week 3

Participants List week 3 Updated 23 November 2017 (PDF, 57Kb)

• Save our Green Belt:  Codicote, Graveley, Ickleford, Knebworth, Offley & Cockernhoe, Wymondley Parish Councils,

• Every effort will be made to keep to this draft timetable, but late changes may be unavoidable.  Priority will be given to starting the debate on each matter at the appointed time, and it may be necessary to extend the discussion in the afternoon session.  The Programme Officer will endeavour to inform the participants of any late changes to the timetable, but it is the responsibility of the participants to keep themselves up to date with the arrangements and programme.  Participants need to be ready to attend on the Reserve time indicated on the programme – this will be used if necessary to complete any unfinished sessions.

Any representor’s hearing statement that addresses issue(s) that were not raised in their regulation 19 consultation response will not be considered.

Matter 15

ID NumberRepresentor
 North Hertfordshire District Council (PDF, 595Kb)
530Bovis Homes & New Road Property Development (PDF, 7Mb)
3427Graveley Parish Council (PDF, 39Kb)
3436Mr Reg Norgan (PDF, 62Kb)
7782Friends of the Forster Country (PDF, 55Kb)
11835Gladman (PDF, 338Kb)
14437Home Builders Federation (PDF, 399Kb)
16196Beck Homes Ltd (PDF, 163Kb)

2281 Codicote Parish Council

3427 Graveley Parish Council

9806 Ickleford Parish Council

13237 Wymondley Parish Council

7092 Offley with Cockernhoe Parish Council

14549 Knebworth Parish Council

Save our Green Belt (PDF, 16Kb)

Appendix 1 Hutchinson Report (PDF, 811Kb)

Matter 16

ID NumberRepresentor
 North Hertfordshire District Council (PDF, 214Kb)
3072Ms Carolyn Cottier (PDF, 4Mb)
3427Graveley Parish Council (PDF, 34Kb)
7993Stevenage Borough Council (PDF, 302Kb)
13245Weston Parish Council (PDF, 252Kb)
13929Mr John Gingell (PDF, 36Kb)
14326Bloor Homes (PDF, 336Kb)
14376 & 14378Transition Town Letchworth and Letchworth Sustainability Forum (PDF, 135Kb)
14437Home Builders Federation (399Kb)
14924Mr Philip Wood (PDF, 68Kb)
16181Stevenage Road Petition Group (PDF, 484Kb)

Matter 17

ID NumberRepresentor
 North Hertfordshire District Council (PDF, 163Kb)
3072Ms Carolyn Cottier (PDF, 3Mb)
3094Ms Linda Cottier (PDF, 295Kb)

Wymonldey Parish Council (PDF, 9Kb)

Appendix 1 Air Quality report (PDF, 513Kb)

13929Mr John Gingell (PDF, 36Kb)

Matter 19

ID NumberRepresentor
 North Hertfordshire District Council (PDF, 270Kb)
14326Bloor Homes (PDF, 283Kb)
14376 & 14378Transition Town Letchworth and Letchworth Sustainability Forum (PDF, 135Kb)
15697Natural England (PDF, 130Kb)

Matter 20

ID NumberRepresentor
 North Hertfordshire District Council (PDF, 321Kb)
9861Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation (PDF, 72Kb)

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