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Main Modifications and Additional Work Produced by the Council 2019

Following the hearing sessions into the Local Plan, consultation on the Main Modifications took place from Thursday 3 January to Thursday 11 April 2019.  This Consultation also provided the opportunity to comment on the additional work produced by the Council in support of the Examination in Public and following the hearing sessions.

This consultation has now closed. The Main Modifications and the representations made are available to view through the Council's consultation portal.

Update 29 March 2022

The Council has recently updated the software that is used by the whole organisation to manage correspondence. Following the upgrade some links to previous consultation responses to the Local Plan are currently not working on the consultation portal. The Council are working with their IT team to resolve this issue as soon as possible so that all representations are available to view again. This does not affect the work of the Inspector who has been provided with access to all the representations throughout the Examination.

The next steps in the Examination of the Local Plan will be determined by the Inspector.

The additional work produced or submitted by the Council is available here.

The Main Modifications were considered by the Council's Cabinet at a special meeting on Monday 10 December 2018.