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Hearing Timetable and Statements - Week 6 - 5-8 February 2018

The hearing sessions start at 9.00am on all days following the opening day of Monday 13 November 2017.

Deadline for Hearing Statements covering the matters for discussion during weeks 5-6 of the hearing sessions: Friday 12 January.

Hearings Timetable - Week 6

Monday 5th February - Thursday 8th February

Week 6

Participants List for Week 6 Updated 30 January 2018 (PDF, 56Kb)

• Save our Green Belt:  Codicote, Graveley, Ickleford, Knebworth, Offley & Cockernhoe, Wymondley Parish Councils

• Every effort will be made to keep to this draft timetable, but late changes may be unavoidable.  Priority will be given to starting the debate on each matter at the appointed time, and it may be necessary to extend the discussion in the afternoon session.  The Programme Officer will endeavour to inform the participants of any late changes to the timetable, but it is the responsibility of the participants to keep themselves up to date with the arrangements and programme.  Participants need to be ready to attend on the Reserve time indicated on the programme – this will be used if necessary to complete any unfinished sessions.

Week 6Morning Session 9.00amAfternoon Session 2.00pm
Monday 5 February
  • Matter 10 - Letchworth
  • Matter 10 - Letchworth (continued if necessary)
  • Matter 10 - Royston
Tuesday 6 February
  • Matter 10 - Baldock (including Bygrave)
  • Matter 10 - Hitchin
Wednesday 7 February
  • Matter 10 - Luton & Cockernhoe
  • Matter 10 - Luton & Cockernhoe (continued if necessary)
  • Matter 11 - Oaklands, Offley, Pirton, Preston
Thursday 8 February
  • Matter 11 - Ashwell, Barkway, Barley, Breachwood Green, Hexton, Kimpton
  • Matter 11- Ashwell, Barkway, Barley, Breachwood Green, Hexton, Kimpton (continued if necessary)
  • Reserve

Hearing Statements - Week 6

Any representor’s hearing statement that addresses issue(s) that were not raised in their regulation 19 consultation response will not be considered.

Matter 10 - Letchworth

ID NumberRepresentor


Green Belt (PDF, 4,092Kb)

Non Green Belt (PDF, 183Kb)


Mr David Burridge   

LG10 - Norton School Development (PDF, 47Kb)

Appendix A (PDF, 39Kb)

Appendix B (PDF, 57Kb)


Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation (PDF, 1,738Kb)

Appendix A Planning Summary Statement (PDF, 6,546Kb)

6204Hertfordshire Gardens Trust (PDF, 15Kb)
14046Hertfordshire County Council (Education) (PDF, 202Kb)
14046Hertfordshire County Council ( Landowner LG9 and LG10) (PDF, 470Kb)
14046Hertfordshire County Council ( Landowner LG4) (PDF, 141Kb)

Letchworth Garden City Society (PDF, 286Kb)

Appendix 1 (PDF, 196Kb)


Save the World's First Garden City (PDF, 25Kb)

Appendix 1 (PDF, 1,277Kb)

Appendix 2 (PDF, 1,482Kb)

8887CPRE (PDF, 70Kb)

Matter 10 - Royston

ID NumberRepresentor
 NHDC (PDF, 1,599Kb)
15697Natural England (PDF, 131Kb)
16163E. W. Pepper (PDF, 140Kb)
16083James Property (PDF, 7,599Kb)
14046Hertfordshire County Council (Education) (PDF, 214Kb)
16452Hertfordshire County Council ( Landowner RY4) (PDF, 141Kb)
16152Countryside Properties (PDF, 266Kb)
16146NHS Property Services (PDF, 1,110Kb)

Matter 10 - Baldock (including Bygrave)

ID NumberRepresentor


Green Belt (PDF, 2,178Kb)

Non Green Belt (PDF, 166Kb)

7284Greene King (PDF, 1,062Kb)
14046Hertfordshire County Council (Education) (PDF, 144Kb)
16452Hertfordshire County Council (Property) (PDF, 627Kb)
2047Save Rural Baldock (PDF, 69Kb)
13929John Gingell (PDF, 25Kb)
8887CPRE (PDF, 68Kb)

Matter 10 - Hitchin

ID NumberRepresentor
 NHDC (PDF, 3,966Kb)
6971Mr Michael Lott (PDF, 37Kb)

Mr Michael Short (PDF, 27Kb)

Appendix 1 - Hitchin traffic Census October 2017 (PDF, 16Kb)

16158Mr R Daniels (PDF, 3,460Kb)
16181Stevenage Road Petition Group (PDF, 344Kb)
16338New Road Ashbrook & Taylor Family (PDF, 970Kb)
6204Hertfordshire Gardens Trust (PDF, 15Kb)
11732Mr Justin Richards (PDF, 95Kb)
97Bellcross Homes (PDF, 175Kb)
16072Hill Residential (PDF, 142Kb)
14046Hertfordshire County Council (Education) (PDF, 277Kb)

Mr David Switzer (PDF, 78Kb)

Appendix 1 (PDF, 587Kb)

Appendix 2 (PDF, 672Kb)

16080Beechwood Homes (PDF, 3,365Kb)

Manor Oak Homes (PDF, 258Kb)

Appendix 1 - Letter from Manor Oak Homes (PDF, 1,662Kb)

Appendix 2 (PDF, 149Kb)

7295Mr Robin Dartington (PDF, 455Kb)
16338New Road Ashbrook Ltd (PDF, 2,859Kb)
8887CPRE (PDF, 68Kb)

Matter 10 - Luton & Cockernhoe

ID NumberRepresentor
 NHDC (PDF, 1,497Kb)

Councillor David Barnard (PDF, 89Kb)

Appendix 1 (PDF, 52Kb)

Appendix 2 (PDF, 54Kb)

Appendix 3 (PDF, 51Kb)

Appendix 4 (PDF, 47Kb)

15694London Luton Airport (PDF, 2,442Kb)

Mr Roy Parker (PDF, 62Kb)

Appendices A, B And C (PDF, 2,557Kb)

8390Chiltern Conservation Board (PDF, 3471Kb)

Hertfordshire County Council (Education) (PDF271Kb)

Hertfordshire County Council (Education) - Appendix A Hertfordshire County Council’s position statement in relation to size of secondary schools, in response to NHDC’s Local Plan education infrastructure proposals (PDF, 281Kb)

13865Mr Barry Brown (PDF, 107Kb)
2699Ms Clare Brown (PDF. 247Kb)
3094Ms Linda Cottier (PDF, 303Kb)
8033Ms Douglas Stoker (PDF, 408Kb)
3092Mr Barry Cottier (PDF, 1,720Kb)
3107Mr Michael Dines (PDF, 11,828Kb)
3301Ms Lynda Stoker (PDF, 699Kb)
8018Mr Jeff Paylor (PDF, 79Kb)
8019Ms Verity Paylor (PDF, 82Kb)
16475Ms Zade Cottier-Wood (PDF, 155Kb)
3072Ms Carolyn Cottier (PDF, 52Kb)
3108Ms Janice Dines (PDF, 1,433Kb)
16132The Crown Estate (PDF, 8,078Kb)
8887CPRE (PDF,64Kb)

Bloor Homes (PDF, 467Kb)

Appendix A - Illustrative Context Masterplan Allocation EL1-3 East Of Luton (PDF, 5,433Kb)

Appendix B - Site Location (PDF, 2,820Kb)

Appendix C -  Letter from Arriva the Shires Ltd (PDF, 11Kb)

Appendix D -Landscape Effects Table (PDF, 127Kb)

Appendix D - Baseline Viewpoint Descriptions (PDF, 52Kb)

Appendix D - Visual Effects Table (PDF, 156Kb)

Appendix D - Figures 5.1 to 5.12 (PDF, 27,607Kb)

Appendix D - Figures 5.13 to 5.24 (PDF, 24,528Kb)

2677Councillor Diane Moles (PDF, 31Kb)
7291Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Group (PDF, 69Kb)

Matter 11 - Oaklands, Offley, Pirton & Preston

ID NumberRepresentor

NHDC - Oaklands (PDF, 500Kb)

NHDC - Offley (PDF, 451Kb)

NHDC - Pirton (PDF, 534Kb)

NHDC - Preston (PDF, 441Kb)

14046Hertfordshire County Council (Education) (PDF, 139Kb)
16174F and P Property Management (PDF,80Kb)
14894Jarvis Homes (PDF, 338Kb)
16032Pirton Parish Council (PDF, 19Kb)
16186Stratton Estates (PDF, 8,393Kb)
6178Mr Wilfred Aspinall (PDF, 65Kb)

Matter 11 - Ashwell, Barkway, Barley, Breachwood Green, Hexton, Kimpton

ID NumberRepresentor

NHDC - Ashwell (PDF, 635Kb)

NHDC - Barkway (PDF, 454Kb)

NHDC - Barley (PDF, 381Kb)

NHDC- Breachwood Green (PDF, 432Kb)

NHDC- Hexton (PDF, 486Kb)

NHDC - Kimpton (PDF, 529Kb)


Mr John Hare (AS1) (PDF, 87Kb) (PDF, 207Kb)

Appendix 2 - Letter Transport Dynamics (PDF, 218Kb)

Appendix 3 - Transport Dynamics Road Safety Audit August 2017 (PDF, 5,865Kb)

Appendix 4 - CPRE letter September 2017 (PDF, 568Kb)

Appendix 5 - NHDC Matrices (PDF, 463Kb)

15694London Luton Airport (PDF, 2,442Kb)

Mr and Mrs Lee (PDF, 34Kb)

Appendix 1 - NHDC refusal notice re land off Station Road Oct 2017 (PDF, 81Kb)

Appendix 2 - Parish Council Letter re District Local Plan 15th November 2014 (PDF, 51Kb)

16070Croudace Homes (PDF, 496Kb)
14046Hertfordshire County Council (Education) (PDF, 209Kb)
16073Rand Brothers (BK3) (PDF, 5,549Kb)
16196Beck Homes (PDF, 131Kb)
13949Newsells Park Stud (PDF, 424Kb)
13233Ashwell Parish Council (PDF, 518Kb)

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