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High Hedges

Before involving the Council and making a formal application, potential complainants should try to resolve the matter amicably with their neighbours.

If this fails, a complaint can be made using the form below.

A charge of £619 is payable; you may however be eligible for a reduction of this amount, see scale of charges below.

Further information

The following leaflets are available and provide additional advice:

Over the garden hedge - advises on appropriate hedge boundary treatment and agreement with your neighbour

High Hedges: complaining to the Council - advises on the various processes and stages that complainants and hedge owners will have to encounter in any eventual dealings with the Council.

Hedge height and light loss - assists in assessing whether an evergreen hedge is blocking too much daylight and sunlight to neighbouring properties.

They are also available from the Customer Service Centre at the Council offices and at local libraries.

Further information and guidance on how you can agree a solution about problem high hedges is available from GOV.UK.