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Royston Cross Development Brief

In June 2008 the Council adopted the Royston Town Centre Strategy Supplementary Planning Document (SPD). This document was prepared in consultation with members of the local community, key organisations and landowners and it sets out the vision, objectives for the town centre and also guidance on how development proposals should be carried out. The strategy was also supported by an Action Plan which demonstrates the Council’s commitment to acting as an enabler in delivering the aims.

The Strategy specifically identifies the Royston Cross as an opportunity site for possible development or enhancement, and is classified as Opportunity Area RTC2: Royston Cross – End of Upper King Street. In accordance with the Action Plan the Council has prepared a development brief for this area

Following public consultation on a number of different options in November / December 2010 a preferred option was chosen and the final document, Royston Cross Development Brief 2011 was approved by Full Council as Council Approved Guidance in April 2011.

To view the draft document and representations online please use the online consultation service.

The Royston Cross Consultation Report, containing an officer response to each of the comments submitted during the consultation phase, can be found below.

Further information

If you require any additional information about the Royston Cross Development Brief then please contact the Planning Policy & Projects group. Tel: 01462 474 000 or e-mail: